Crossword Puzzle Answers

Here's the answers to Sew News June/July 2013 crossword puzzle.

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brain teaser june/july
Yes, the answer to #7 is HAND and there is indeed an extra box. Sorry for the confusion.
Brain Teaser June/July
Answer to #7 don't fit the boxes. Unless the word is hands not hand. Thank you.
hide and seek
how do u enter your answer online --- geez
Crossword puzzle
Hi....I filled in the puzzle from the June/July issue. I'm sure you may already be aware, but there is an extra square for 7 down. I was sure the answer was HAND.....but because of the extra square I had to second guess myself and check the answer on your site. Oops! Anyway, I thought I would pass on the error. Have a great day.


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