Made-to-Order Organizer

Novita Estiti
Made-to-Order Organizer

Keep necessities organized and secure in a stylish wearable wallet. Create the perfect thoughtful gift by adding custom pockets and details for a personalized touch.

*Please note the correction to the first zipper pocket preparation step. Fold and attach the zipper to one A1 long (9") edge, rather than one short edge as originally instructed.


Supplies listed are enough to make one 9"x12" wallet (6"x9" folded).

  • 3/4 yard each of two mediumweight fabrics (A & B)
  • 9"x12" rectangle of batting
  • Mediumweight fusible interfacing
  • 3/4"-wide cotton twill tape
  • All-purpose thread
  • Two 9"-long coordinating zippers
  • 1/2"-diameter magnetic snap
  • 2 round keyrings
  • 2 swivel clasps

Note: Use 3/8" seam allowances.


Download and print the Wallet pattern.

From fabric A, cut A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and one 3 1/8"x38" strap.

From fabric B and the interfacing, cut B1, B2 and B3.

Transfer all pattern markings onto each fabric piece.

Fuse each interfacing piece to each corresponding fabric B piece, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Prepare the Zippered Pockets

To create the outer zippered pocket, fold one A1 long (9") edge 3/8" toward the wrong side; press. Fold one A2 long (9") edge 3/8" toward the wrong side; press.

Open the zipper halfway. With right sides facing up, position the A2 folded edge on one zipper tape right edge, approximately 1/8" from the teeth (1).

Install the machine zipper foot. Topstitch close to the folded edge until just before the zipper pull (2).

With the needle in the down position, lift the presser foot, and then zip the zipper completely so the pull is out of the way (3). 

Lower the presser foot, and then continue stitching to the zipper end (4).

Position the A1 folded edge on the zipper tape left edge, approximately 1/8" from the teeth; pin. Stitch close to the folded edge.

To create the inner zippered pocket, fold one A3 short edge 3/8" toward the wrong side; press. Fold one A4 long edge 3/8" toward the wrong side; press.

Open the zipper halfway. With right sides facing up, position the A3 folded edge on the remaining left zipper tape edge, approximately 1/8" from the teeth; pin. Stitch close to the folded edge.

Position the A4 folded edge on the zipper tape right edge, approximately 1/8" from the zipper teeth; pin. Stitch close to the folded edge.

Fold A2, A3 and A4 along the marked foldlines with wrong sides together; press. Attach the magnetic snap pieces at the placement marks on A2 and A3 (5). Topstitch close to the outer folded edges (6).

Prepare the Inner Pockets

Fold A5 and B2 along the marked foldlines with wrong sides together.

Fold B3 accordion-style along the marked foldlines to create inner card pockets.

Topstitch B2 and B3 along the folded edges (7).


Position A3 over A1, aligning the A3 short edge 4 1/4" from the A1 right zipper edge; pin. Determine the A3 center, and then stitch widthwise along the center through both layers to create a pocket division (8).

How tos

With both right sides facing up, position the A2 upper edge 1 5/8" from the B3 upper edge. Mark two equidistant vertical lines across the A2 right side to denote pocket divisions. Stitch along the marks through all layers, beginning at the B2 lower folded edge (9).

Position B3 over A5, aligning the B3 upper edge 3/4" from the A5 upper edge. Baste or pin through all layers (10). 

Position B2 under A4, aligning the B2 upper edge 3/8" from the A4 upper edge. Baste or pin through all layers (11).

Spread out the entire assembly on a flat work surface (12). Flip it over so the wrong side is facing up.

Sandwich the batting between the two B1 pieces. Center the batting sandwich over the wallet wrong side (13). Trim the batting and B1 edges to fit, if necessary; pin or baste in place. 

Fold A3 and A2 along the foldlines with wrong sides together, leaving 1 1/2" between the pocket upper edges (14). Make sure that the corners are perpendicular and the edges are straight; baste the long edges through all layers.

Carefully topstitch close to the short folded edges through all layers (15). Evenly trim the wallet long edges.



Cut two 2 1/2" lengths of twill tape. Slide a keyring onto one twill tape length, and then fold it in half to create a loop. Turn the wallet to the outer side. Position the loop along one long edge 3/4" above the zipper; pin (16). Repeat to position the remaining twill tape loop on the opposite edge. 

Cut two 13" lengths of twill tape. Fold the short edges 1/4" toward the wrong side, and then fold in half lengthwise; press.

Position the twill tape around the wallet long raw edges, and then topstitch close to the twill tape edges through all layers, moving the zipper pulls out of the way as needed (17).


Fold the strap in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; press. Unfold.

Fold the strap long edges toward the wrong side to meet at the center foldline; press. Fold again along the center foldline; press. Topstitch the strap long edges.

Slide one swivel clasp onto one strap end. Fold the strap end 1/2" toward the wrong side, forming a loop around the swivel clasp. Stitch close to the strap end. Repeat to attach the remaining clasp to the remaining strap end.

Attach the clasps to the wallet keyrings.

Great Gifts

Add special details to the wallet and fill it with goodies for a personalized touch.



Make a portable activity center for a kid on the go. Fill the wallet with markers, crayons and activity books.

Get Well

get well

Cheer up a friend who's feeling under the weather by filling the wallet with tissues, medicine and cough drops. As a variation, bind the wallet edges with matching fabric rather than twill tape.

Tea Time


For a tea lover, include an assortment of teabags and honey. For a softer wallet, omit the interfacing and topstitching, and use a button and elastic instead of magnetic snap. Cover the elastic ends with a small coordinating doily.

Creative Correspondent


Make a stationery holder for a letter-writing enthusiast. Use cardboard or stiff interfacing instead of quilt batting to give the wallet extra structure. Instead of a snap, stitch twill tape ties to the wallet outside. Fill the wallet with paper, envelopes and stamps.  

For Him

for him

To make a wallet for a man, substitute hook-and-loop tape for the magnetic snap. Stitch an additional loop and keyring to the wallet interior to secure keys.


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I can't believe you sent out an email encouraging people to make this project! 2 years of complaints about how HORRIBLE the pattern is weren't enough for you? Trust us fellow readers, follow the link to Pam T's site for instructions that are actually useful!
Adding a Third Fabric
I see in one of the additional project pictures that there is a 3rd fabric used on the inside. Anyone know what piece numbers these are?
RE: Fix it for G's Sake
I feel so bad for everyone who was not able to make this bag! I hope you are able to salvage your fabric into something else. However, there are so many comments correcting the instructions here, and Pam made a whole correct tutorial for you! At least we all learned a lesson - READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE STARTING A PROJECT!
la billetera
es muy practica para uno de mujer, especiallmente con hijos, gracias por saber projectarse con las necesidades reales.
Thanks alot, Sew News. I am not a new sewer. I have been sewing all my life and I am in my 30s. I wasted precious vintage heirloom fabric on this project, thinking that this would be the perfect gift for my mother-in-law. After cutting the fabric, NOTHING MATCHED UP CORRECTLY. Only after reading through all the (upset people's) comments below did I find the correct piece measurements. I wasted 3 hours of my scarce free time and precious fabric to boot on your HORRIBLE PATTERN. SHAME ON YOU for not correcting this for over two years. I will never ever ever buy your magazine if this is the professionalism you idiots demonstrate. You ought to reimburse me for my wasted time and (priceless) fabric.
Sew News
Why would I bother with your magazine if the directions you give online don't work? I would assume your magazine is in the same hard to follow directions. People are complaining....fix it!
I cannot make heads or tails out of these instructions and I'm a professional seamstress. These are the worst ever- I am to the point of a migraine trying to make this project.
I'm sure the photos would help with construction, if only they weren't so so small! I also am struggling with the construction part of idea how to position A3 over A1, and like another poster am unable to continue this project without understanding this first step! Pls could we have access to larger pictures???
I am glad so many are trying this project. I have had many questions about the construction step -, I like Sew New's picture #12. It is helpful with the placement of the pieces, placement of snaps & where to stitch to create pockets. Keep the questions coming- glad to help. You can reach me from
I am glad to see that I am not the only one that had/is having problems with the instructions. I am quite good at reading patterns, but this one was just not making sense. I have now printed out Pam's add't directions and am going to try agian. I do love your magazine, but these directions needed a lot of help! ! ! !
Great idea
I bought the magazine just for this project. I believe it might be a bit difficult for some seamstress' levels. My suggestion would be to have used several different SOLID colors to demonstrate the layering effect this project has. The fabric used in the demo was cute, but too hard to see the steps in the photos. I really like this magazine!
purse organizer
Like the other commenters, I have found the directions for this project need to be more specific. Instead of the two pages devoted to finished project pictures, larger pictures for the directions, along with more specifics would have made this more user friendly. Better is expected from Sew News!
If you would like to purchase a completed purse, I have some for sale at Search 'selllers' PamT573 to see item.
Thanks, PamT, for all your help. I finally muddled through it with a lot of trial and error. You should be working for sewnews!
I added the answer to my page - When assembling pieces, they are all placed "pretty side" up. Referring to the pictures from Sew News's directions will be helpful. Any other questions feel free to ask. Happy Sewing.
I am so disappointed in this organizer, I cannot believe that this project was not tested and reread again before it was printed. I would llike to send the unfinished product to you to finish
Thank you, PamT, I have printed out your directions also. However, you did not address the positioning of A3 over A1 - how? Right sides facing up? Right sides facing each other? Shame, shame shame to sewnews for not addressing this issue in a timely manner for those of us who wished to give this as a gift. This question has been on the comment board since Dec. 10!!!!!!!!
Try this if having problems!
Go to There are additional directions to help complete this wallet. Enjoy.
Position A3 over A1
vlmettler has posted all the questions I have. I cannot go any further without this being answered.
This is the first download pattern I have tried to use. My daughter saw the wallet in my mag. & asked for it for X-Mas. I found that there were no instructions for fabric layout & there is a typo in the mag's instructions. A1 iron Long side not short side, I needed to recut the fabric as the pattern was going the wrong way. Also, the zippers are too long a 7" or larger pieces are needed. I hope the rest goes quickly, time is tic tacing away.
Really frustrated
If you have made this please post some information about how to make. A friend and I have worked on it this but a lot of it does not make sense and we both have sewed all our lives. My friend owns a quilt shop and does some fantantic work. There is definitely something work with the directions. Please help!
Position A3 over A1,
How? What fold line am I seeing in the photo? Are they right sides up? I'm really trying not to give up, but I can't see where I'm heading - it just makes no sense.
Totally Frustrated
Day 3 and I'm as confused as I was on day one! These are the worst directions I have EVER used and I've been sewing over 50 years!
vanessaJ - Don't give up
This page should help.
Instructions Suck
I have been trying to make this for a few days. I find out now I have sewn the zipper to the wrong side of A1 you could have posted an email to us stating new directions can be found. thanks!
Bad Instructions
Very bad instructions....I gave up and have wasted very $$$$ I need a plan B
looking back
Going back through the posts, I spot the measurements, now I will try it. Thank you;-)
Paper usage
This looks like a great project, but I will not print 15 pages when I could easily use a few measurements the size of a 3 x 5 card. Please, no more recycle/green talk until you walk the walk.
Bad Instructions
These instructions are not only incorrect but also difficult to follow.
Bad Instructions
These instructions are not only incorrect but also difficult to follow.
I completed my first organizer this week end and could not have done it without PamT's so very helpful and invaluable tips and hints on her website . What I learned - the magnetic clasp (using just one layer of fabric) is not sturdy unless your fabric is heavy weight; use the button or ties instead. Do not topstitch the short outer edges until after you have inserted the B1 piece with the batting.
Re: Pattern
@Mooncat24: When working with A4, attach the A4 end that's closest to the marked foldline to the zipper. Fold that end 3/8" toward the wrong side, align it along the zipper tape, and then stitch in place. Then fold the pattern piece along the marked foldline. The majority of the A4 piece becomes the inside of the inner pocket.
I am working on this construction and am several hours into it and am so frustrated. I have got the A1 and A2 side but the A3 and A4 have got me stumped. Why is the A4 fold so close to the zipper in the photos? The piece has only one fold and I have sewn the other end to the zipper. Wish someone would post a video of this construction. Also the pattern should have shown which ends to attach the zipper to.
PamT's tips
I totally agree with craftychick-without PamT's advice I could not have gotten my first one done! Well, okay, I still have to do the binding and strap, but close enough to declare victory! Thanks so much! I am very happy with the result.
printing pattern
I too am unable to print the pattern
such helpful tips!
PamT, thank you so much for posting that link to your "particulars"! I was getting so frustrated and confused you really saved my day :) For others trying to figure out this pattern... I would suggest checking out Love this pattern!
printing pattern
Unable to print the pattern for the "made to order" organizer.
zipper size
I think the zippers are a size 7" in the pictures, because my 9" zipper is to long. I centered mine and will have to just make do.
A2 and A3 topstitch
Fold A2, A3 and A4 along the marked foldlines with wrong sides together; press. Topstitch close to the outer folded edges (6). A2: TOPSTITCH WHAT? THE OUTTER EDGE OF A2 (DO I TURN IT DOWN 3/8" AND TOPSTITCH? A3: TOPSTITCH THE OUTER END (AWAY FROM THE ZIPPER? ) OR TOPSTITCH THE FOLDS AS PRESSED? A3 OVER A1 RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER OR WRONG SIDE OF A3 OVER RIGHT SIDE OF A1? I wish there had been more color contrast in fabrics chosen for the project piece. I may run out of space/200 words, but I do want to say that SEW NEWS is a 'must' for me. I always find very good information and go to back issues often to see what I missed or just plain forgot. I have all the pieces cut and prepared for this organizer and it will be great when I get all the directions straight in my head.
A3 problem
This pattern is a puzzle! A3 has the snap placement between the 2 foldlines, but picture 12 shows it next to the zipper. Also should my 3/8" fold for the zipper have been on the side that measures 4 3/8 from a foldline (the bottom as printed) or the 3 1/2 side (the top)?
Yes, the magnetic snap is placed through a single fabric layer. Also, you're correct that the instruction should be to fold A5 and B2 with wrong sides together; we have made the correction above.
more errors?
I am having real trouble figuring out this pattern. I think there are more errors. Fold A5 and B2 along the marked foldlines with RIGHT SIDES together. Should this be WRONG sides together? It looks like that in the pic. Is the magnetic closure placed on a single layer of fabric?
Love this item! - Cont.
Thank you for all your kind comments. Sew glad you are enjoying the particulars. I have added lots of new zipper hints. Check it out -
RE: Problem downloading
If you are having trouble downloading the pattern, please email and we will email you the pattern directly.
Pattern printing
love the idea and look, but can't print the pattern. Will you fix that?
RE: Swivel Clasp
Find swivel clasps online at You can also often find them in the handbag-making section of many fabric and craft stores.
web page
Every time I press the link to download and print the pattern, your web page goes blank, then goes back to your home page. Please address this!!
Re: Zipper Problem
The instructions incorrectly stated to align the zipper along the A1 short edge, when it should actually be the A1 long edge, which is 9" long. We apologize for the error, and the correction has been made to the directions above.
Zipper problem
Like mlclaflin I have problems with the 1st zipper. The short edge of A1 is 81/8", the long edge of A2 is 9". How does this work out with the 9" zipper?
Your web page will not let me print the pattern
Your web page will not open the pattern for me to print!
Swivel Clasps
Any suggestions on where I can find these? Thanks
Love this item! - Cont.
make sure to type-
Love this item!
I 'm making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts and have added some extra particulars to make it easier for me. Thought I would share. visit
RE: Question continued
You will make bias tape from your fabric. You can find tons of how-to on the internet or check out our Aug/Sept '09 "Fun & Games" article, explaining how to make bias tape.
RE: Question on wallet
Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching magnetic snaps. Place the button and elastic on A2 and the A1 outer pocket at the same distance from the edges as the magnetic snaps. Attach the button after attaching the outer pocket to A1. Attach the elastic before sandwiching the batting between the two B1 pieces.
RE: pattern
Please see the following pattern piece measurements: A1: 8 1/8" X 9" A2: 9" X 8 3/4" A3: 9" X 11 1/2" A4: 9 1/8" X 6 3/8" A5: 9" X 9 1/2" B1: 8 1/2" X 11 3/4" B2: 9" X 11" B3: 9" X 12 1/4"
Question continued...
How do we make the self-fabric binding instead of using the twill tape?
Question on wallet
How do the magnetic snaps attach to the fabric? And if we want a button and elastic closure, when and how is that done? I don't see the instructions for that.
Has anyone actually printed the pattern up and started assemblying it? I tried to start assemblying but the pieces do not match up on the first zipper. Could the actual measurements of the pieces please be listed so we can verify that the pattern is printed in te correct size. Thank you.
RE: Pattern Assembly
After the pattern pieces are printed, gather the labeled pieces for each pattern, ex: A1 has two pieces. Next, locate the small straight line located in between the two "L" shaped registration marks. There will be one set on either side of the pattern piece, these small straight lines are where the pattern pieces meet each other. Cut along the two small straight lines on one pattern piece, and then place over the opposite pattern piece, aligning with the small straight lines; tape.
Pattern Assembly (con't)
I didn't think that it mattered until I got to piece B3 and the assembly instruction didn't make it any clearer. Love teh magazine and thanks in advance for the help!
Pattern Assembly
Do you match the registration marks on the sheets or do place the lines end to end when piecing together the pattern?
pattern fixed
Thank you sew much for fixing this! I will definetly make some of these up for christmas gifts!
RE: Wallet patter
THANK YOU! I already printed it and hope to make a few for gifts. I appreciate you responding so quickly to your users!
RE: Pattern
You spoke and we listened! We have changed the patterns, so they you no longer have to enlarge them! Just print out the patterns (they are also all in one PDF file) and then cut and paste the patterns, they come out to the exact scale/size as what you need to complete the project. Please email if you have any further questions.
I tried to print the pattern, but it prints off the side of the paper, so can't tell what size the pattern pieces are supposed to be and also is very user unfriendly since there are 8 pieces and each is to be printed spearately and noted to enlarge at different percents and the Adobe software doesn't allow some of the specific percents. I'd really like to sew some of these for Christmas gifts, but can't get the pattern.
I agree with this not being user friendly! I don't want to go to a 'business' to copy my patterns. Please give us the 'inches' that we need, so we can draw out the pattern, since we can't print them.
I love this wallet but it prints larger than the print size of my printer. Can you provide the dimensions of the pattern pieces?
I tried clicking on the pattern letter and it comes up as a PDF file ONE PIECE AT A TIME and you have to adjust the size. I really wanted this for gifts. What's up Sew News?? This is not user friendly.
No download link. Highlighted link is for gamevance ads. HELP!!!
Thank you, my father in line just pastaway and I am making wallets out of his jeans to give at christmas, Great Idea, love this pattern. Pege
RE: download
The pattern download links are right below the supplies list in the above text, they are listed like below. Fabric A: A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 Fabric B: B1, B2, and B3
How or where do I go to download pattern?


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