Sew A Chic Capelet

Elizabeth & Liz Evans
Sew A Chic Capelet

Ready to add a classic wardrobe staple to your closet? Stitch a classic cape that will be worn throughout the season and gives any wardrobe and easy update.

Find all the instructions and easy how-tos in the latest issue of Sew News magazine!

Get started by downloading the FREE pattern HERE!

Get the printing and layout instructions for the Capelet pattern here.

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Very disappointed in pattern download. Only two pages, no measurements. sent my comment on 2/25/14, never received a reponse.
Just printed out pattern (two) sheets (back panel & side panels) does not say how much to enlarge or give any measurements. Already bought fabric and anxious to get started. PLease help. Judging from comments I am not alone.
I was confused as well, but I finally figured it out. Collect all the pattern pieces starting with the number "1". You should have #1-1, #1-2, etc. Line them up in a row going down. So your first row should all start with #1, but the order would be from top down 1, 2, 3, 4. Next find all your pattern pieces starting with #2. You should have #2-1, #2-2, #2-3, etc. Line them in the vertical row starting with#1 going down. Line them up with the first row of pattern pieces. If I remember correctly that was how I did it. There are little marks on the corners of the pattern pieces that I lined up with each other to ensure accurate piecing. I hope that was correct because when I was done, the pattern looked correct. I haven't made the capelet yet, because I need to review the directions in the magazine. I hope they are easier to follow than putting the pattern together!
Re: Caplet
I am totally confused about these directions on the pattern download. Please help!
re: Capelet
The instructions and the pattern all seem to indicate that there is a seam right down the center front of the capelet, while the pictures show none. Is she wearing it backwards? That's OK by me, I just want to know before I sew. Also, anyone know the measurements on this, so we don't have to print out and tape together the 20 pages of pattern?


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