Stitch A Summer Tote Bag

Jennifer Davey
Stitch A Summer Tote Bag


Ready for summer? Sew this fantastic tote bag that you'll use all summer long. Extra roomy for all your hot weather essentials. And, while your

lounging poolside everyone will want to know "where did you get that bag?"

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Appeared in:

Jun/July 2014

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no dimensions
There are no dimensions with this bag pattern so I do not know how large to cut the pieces..are you planning on making an amendment to this in an upcoming issue..I hope so..otherwise, the pattern does us no good. I see that other customers are frustrated also..
I have downloaded many patterns from other sources. Yours gives no indication of size and no instruction on how to get multi-pages. At least if I had dimensions I could using the old squaring method to get the pattern. I had my heart set on sewing this for a friend who leaves for Cuba next week. I must say, I have been sewing most of my 60 years and this is not the first project from your magazine which has been frustrating and incorrect. I had to redesign one to make it work as you gave incorrect dimensions. You also failed to answer my emails regarding this and another project I had difficulties with. You also do not seem to print corrections when you have made mistakes. I will have difficulty justifying renewing my subscription next time. I see from these comments that I am not alone.
I'm on the step that says, "With right sides together, align the body and pocket-backing body; stitch the lower edge." Which parts am I putting together exactly. Cute bag, just wish it was a bit more clear on the instructions.
Summer Tote Bag
This pattern is impossible to print! There are no measurements given to show the correct size of the pattern or the finished bag. I have tried printing poster size, making sure that it is at 100% in PDF and absolutely nothing works, It also will not print the top part of the pattern just above where it says Summer Satchel Pattern. I am very disappointed as I have some great fabric and was so looking forward to doing this. I have also wasted quite a bit of paper and ink trying to get this right. If anybody has any suggestions I would love to hear them!!
Summer tote Bag
I actually found this pattern kind of hard to do (I do not do alot of PDF patterns) I like Janel10 would have liked more pictures and I also had a terrible time trying to print it. It is a really nice bag though once you have completed it. I did a mock up first before I wasted my good fabric and was happy I ddi so.
I need a few more pictures to figure out how this pattern works. Can you supply that?
summer tote pattern
I got it! You have to do it in "poster size" instead of portrait or landscape in your print options. It prints out 6 pages and then I taped them all together. VERY EASY
Summer Tote
The printing size of this pattern is 23 X 18. Way to large for printers. Redo in 2 or 3 sheets so 8X11 can print it.
I have tried every way to print this pattern and it dose not work. PLEASE FIX IT
I download pdf patterns daily. This one does not work and is so frustrating that it keeps being posted as a free pattern!!! I would love to make this but can't keep printing patterns that don't work. Please help
open the pattern in PDF adobe, and the measurements are there, if you select 100%
I had to uncheck the "fit to size" print option and then the pieces printed correctly.
This pattern needs a size for the completed bag so I can tell if the pattern I printed is the correct size.
to get full size, you must change the % to 100% it will print full size
Try to download & print the pattern but it does not print to pattern correctly it is very small and it does not print the full pattern Is there a way that this issue can be corrected so the pattern & pages can be printed. HELP{
unable to print pattern to actual size
I agree,what good is this pattern with no measurements. Is this a what ever you want pattern to play with?
Yes, we need directions on how to enlarge pattern to size. Especially being there is no measurements to go by.
the printed pattern seems too small
Do you have a method for enlarging the pattern?
Summer Tote
Could you send me info, price for a pattern to be sent to me ??
please send a printable copy of the bag
I have tried several times to print out a copy of the summer satchel. For some reason, I do not have the tiling option on my computer. So please post a printable version fo this very cute bag.
Summer Satchel Pattern
When will the June/July Issue of SewNews make changes in the pattern for the Summer Satchel so that it prints correctly or gives the percent to enlarge? Thanks for your prompt answer.
Summer tote
If I want to do summer tote bag how do I enlarge de pattern Ghislaine
the links don't work . . . :-(


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