Convertible Clutch Free Sewing Pattern

Sara Lawson
Convertible Clutch Free Sewing Pattern

Download the free sewing pattern and instructions to find out how to sew a cute clutch for fall.

Additional Instruction! Please note that after pinning the inner handle edges as shown in diagram 14, stitch each edge 1/8" from the fold to secure them.

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Free Sewing Pattern

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Note from the designer
Hello everyone. I was pointed out in January 2015 that there were possibly errors in the pattern. I turned this in in 2012, and since then have a different computer so I don't have any of the original templates or files, so I'm not able to compare my original work with what appeared in the magazine or on the magazine's website. I do want to revisit the pattern one day, but haven't had a chance up until now. Since I can't verify the pattern, I'd suggest choosing a different project; I do have other free patterns on my site under the 'Tutorials' tab on Sew Sweetness. I hate that this shows my work in a negative light, and I hope you will check out some of the other free bags on my site (the Kennedy Bag or the Brookfield Bag are two of the most popular free ones I have to offer). I apologize for any inconvenience! -Sara
instructions do not work
The directions and pattern for the handles do not work. And yes they are too small. I agree with all the other comments. Don't worry if you can't open the file, save yourself the headache and from wasting fabric. Just goes to show that everything that is on the internet or on Pinterest, is not real
Re: convertible clutch
The instructions are SO confusing!! It mentions attaching the handle linings at one point but there is no other mention of handle linings anywhere else- is this the craft backing (which btw is not sold at the website mentioned)? Also, there is NO mention of adding seam allowances to the pattern pieces. I hope I save someone else this problem- I did not add any since it was not mentioned (and I was trying to follow the confusing instructions to the letter!) and the handles ended up too thin to sew properly with the button already attached. I was too far along to start over so my expensive fabrics and sloppy clutch is now a play thing for my preschooler. Not sure if I want to attempt a second.
Por favor podria enviarme el patron a mi correo...muchas gracias. Tengo el mismo problema que los comentarios anteriores.
Why aren't any of the pattern pieces labeled? Which half piece goes to which other piece?????
RE: Free Pattern
Yes, please email if you're not able to open the pattern. We can email you a PDF document of it.
Few sewing pattern
As the previous person wrote, I, too, cannot open the pattern as well as the instructions. It states there is a runtime problem and to contact you. May I email and request it from you, also? Thank you...
free sewing pattern
I cannpt open the free sewing pattern. I opened the how to instuctions with out any problems. Please help thank you
RE: Free Pattern
We apologize that you're having trouble downloading the pattern! It seems to be working from our computers here at our office, so we're looking into what might be the problem. In the meantime, email and we will email you a PDF of the pattern. Thank you!
Free Sewing Pattern
I couldnt get the free sewing pattern to open too.
Free Sewing Pattern
I couldnt get the free sewing pattern to open. I was, however, able to open the How-To Instructions. Can you help?


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