Pam Damour, known as the Decorating Diva, is an interior designer that has been beautifying homes for over 30 years. Pam has written several top selling home decorating books, has taught world-wide through in-person classes, DVD’s as well as online instruction. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and down-to-earth instructor.

Pam damour ss3 HOME DECORATING MADE EASY WITH PAM DAMOURIf you’re interested in learning insider secrets to the home décor industry, want to start your own business or simply want beautiful draperies in your home, Pam Damour’s Window Treatment School is the one to take. In Pam Damour’s Window Treatment School, you’ll learn key techniques for creating beautiful draperies. Techniques that go beyond the basic how-to book or course. You’ll learn pattern matching, how to achieve perfect corners and curves. Plus, a simple way for making perfect pleats. In addition you’ll learn fabrication sequence, proper pressing, mounting, installation of draperies and:

  • How to calculate yardage
  • Create contrasting facings
  • Add trims
  • Difference between linings and interlinings and how to construct them

Pam’s special patterns make it super easy

With the patterns and course materials included, you’ll know how to make custom window treatments to add value to any home or business. The possibilities are endless when you know how to do it yourself.

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Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Now that summer’s finally here, we’re looking forward to all sorts of warm-weather fun. Lucky for us, we have the June/July issue of Sew News to help us out!

Soma Swimsuit 185x300 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Soma Swimsuit

Personally, I love to swim. Living in Colorado, I don’t get to experience the beach except when I travel, but I’m lucky enough to have several outdoor pools nearby that are perfect for whiling away the hot summer days. For a new poolside look, check out our upcoming Sew-Along for the Soma Swimsuit, starting June 6. Don’t you just love the details on the straps? The back has a cool strappy crisscross, too. There are also two bikini variations included with the pattern. I’ve never made a swimsuit before, and the idea sounds intriguing. Maybe I’ll pick up the pattern at shopsewitall.com and give this one a try!

Lacy Daze 153x300 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Lacy Daze Cover-up

If a swimsuit is too intimidating, you can always stitch yourself a lovely lacy cover-up to wear to the pool or the beach. You don’t even need a pattern—our instructions teach you how to draft your own using basic measurements and simple shapes.

Resort Ready 139x300 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Resort Ready Maxi Dress

When you’re not enjoying the water, you can still beat the heat with one (or both!) of two summery dresses. The Resort Ready maxi dress is light and airy—perfect for a hot, sticky day. This is another pattern that you draft yourself (I love doing that; it makes me feel so accomplished!).

Josie Sundress 184x300 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Josie Sundress

Or learn how to add center front darts to a shorter dress pattern, like the cool and carefree Josie sundress. You’ll love how the darts create a unique look while adjusting the fit.

Of course, there’s a lot more to find in this issue—summery garments and accessories, fitting tips, recommendations, free patterns and more!

Project Collage 1607 300x174 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview

Some of the projects in the June/July Sew News

What’s your favorite thing to sew in the summer? Let us know in comments.

 Sew for Summer: June/July Sew News Preview
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Would You Sew With An 80 Year Old Sewing Pattern?

I love vintage sewing patterns. I’m a sucker for their details, simplicity and sophistication. My current affection is for sweet styling of a button up blouse. What I’ve really come to love lately is the kimono and raglan sleeve, as seen in the McCalls 8711 and Advanced 6261. I can’t wait to get started.

vintage patterns 600 Would You Sew With An 80 Year Old Sewing Pattern?Have you ever wanted to sew with vintage patterns? There’s a bit of care involved when sewing with vintage patterns. Some of the patterns I have are over 80 years old and if I want them to be preserved there’s a few things I need to do.

  • I make a copy (color preferred) of the front and back of the pattern envelope.
  • Copy the instructions, front and back.
  • I iron each pattern piece on the lowest setting.
  • Finally, I copy of all the pattern pieces on to Swedish tracing paper. Making sure to copy all the markings and notations.
  • Grade pattern if too big or small.
  • Make a trial garment and make any fitting adjustments.
  • Sew up the final version.
  • Fold up all originals following original fold lines.
  • Package all in an archival sleeve and store in metal filing cabinet.

If you don’t care to purchase these delicate patterns and use up valuable time in prepping them for use, there are new patterns that have all the charm of the originals. You know, everything old is new again!

Let me know if you like sewing with patterns or if you would rather use new. Or tell me what’s the oldest sewing pattern you have used.  Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a garment sewing book gift pack.

 Would You Sew With An 80 Year Old Sewing Pattern?
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Quilting Just For Beginners

I have to admit that I only picked up quilting just a short time ago. And, have yet to finish a quilt from start to finish. Even though I have been sewing for a long time, quilting is very new to me. And, I’m rather intimidated by much of it.

quilting for beginners with MF Quilting Just For Beginners

For beginning quilters, no matter what your sewing level is, making your first quilt can seem overwhelming. Don’t fret: Craft Online University is here to help you find success and have fun making your quilts. Guiding you through the fundamentals of making a quilt – from how to choose your fabric to how to assemble a basic quilt block – this fun course is a no-stress introduction for newer quilters as well as those looking for a refresher on some of the basics.

You will learn how to: Continue reading

 Quilting Just For Beginners
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Pro tips for sewing high-end bags, purses and totes

Bags LindaMcGehee 2 Pro tips for sewing high end bags, purses and totes

Do you love sewing bags, purses and totes? Summer is the perfect time to hone your sewing skills. And the perfect time to make a few new bags for your collection! If you’re looking to do both, join expert instructor, designer and all-around bag-guru Linda McGehee for an instructional webinar, Bags, Purses & Totes: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting for Professional Results with Linda McGehee. Continue reading

 Pro tips for sewing high end bags, purses and totes
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Magic Bias Dress Sew Along: Week 4 Finishing Details

Well, this is the last post on the Magic Bias Dress. Rhonda will be showing off her wonderful details to make your dress one-of-a-kind. Hope you enjoyed the sew along!

 Magic Bias Dress Sew Along: Week 4 Finishing Details

The magic is in the details! I think that most of us have heard this saying before. I know that on many occasions, I have started a project with such excitement, and then the excitement fizzles when it comes to the finishing details. Why? Most likely fear…the project has gone so well, and now, what if it all goes wrong because the details were’t executed well? If those haunting thoughts ever come across your mind, here are two bits of advice that I have adopted:

1. It’s just fabric. If it all goes wrong, this will not end my life or bring about the destruction of the world.

2. We are always learning, at least we should be. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, try to figure out why and add that to your list of, “one more thing I have learned.” Believe me, although I have sewn since I was 5 years old, my list of learning something new is always growing.

Now let’s conquer the finishing details! Continue reading

 Magic Bias Dress Sew Along: Week 4 Finishing Details
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Tackle The Trickiest Fabrics – 2 Ways To Stabilize Silk

Making Stuff In May

Over the weekend I worked on a simple camisole. I’d like to say that I totally intended this for Me Made May, but like every year MMM completely surprises me.

I originally intended the gold fabric to be a pair of wide-leg pants. The fabric was so slippery and unforgiving that the whole thing turned out to be a mess. I salvaged what I could and made a camisole. Continue reading

 Tackle The Trickiest Fabrics   2 Ways To Stabilize Silk
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