Sew Much Fun

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What fun!

 Sew Much Fun
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3 Responses to Sew Much Fun

  1. Sheila Goldberg says:

    Fun it is. Unfortunately our PBS station is very erratic in showing sewing programs. They are only shown at 6.00 to. 7.00 am on Saturday mornings occasionally, usually it is dedicated to long shows that call for users to buy into the sponsors programs. Your shows that I have been able to watch seem to be a terrific alternative to quilting. I am 88 and I do not want to make another quilt!

  2. Wendy says:

    I am in my very very late 40′s and have just started a sewing business after years of sewing for my children(now grown), my self, my family and my friends. I took over the livingroom in my home to create my studio and have tons of fabric. I love my new studio and the business is going very well.

    North Bay, Ontario, Canada

  3. Jo Anne Ruiz says:

    Wow! This should be fun! I am in my mid-60′s – well, OK, I’m turning 65 this year – and have been sewing since I was 12!! I made most of my clothes most of my life – and when I had so many that I couldn’t wear anything twice in one year, I began to sew for others. I have done alterations, work clothes, casual clothes, weddings, proms, even sewed in a shop for a while, and I most enjoy making baby things. I also love to remake clothes. I never grew up in the Depression, but you’d think I did with how I think about clothes. I have a 8×10 room full of fabrics and I need to begin using it up, but I go to the store and find another really pretty fabric and here I go adding to my stash.

    My website is a shopping adventure. It’s a new tool for finding bargains and savings on anything I buy. Try it out – it’s so cool. So, what is everyone else doing?

    Jo Anne in St. Louis, MO