Sew News is 30 (almost)!

shutterstock 16463983 150x150 Sew News is 30 (almost)!

Sew News is 30!

Hello Readers!

I just wanted to inform you all that Sew News will be turning 30 at the end of this year (December/January is the technical anniversary, but we will be celebrating all year long in 2010, beginning with the Feb/March issue). We work about 6 months ahead of time, so we’re already planning a HUGE contest to span the entire year (with 30 prize for one grand prize winner) as well as a redesign for the content, look and feel. Please let us know what you’d like to see in your favorite sewing magazine. What have you always wanted to learn? What inspires your creativity? What would you like us to remove from the Sew News line-up? Drop a comment below. I’ll be checking back frequently to view your responses.

Thanks for your help! And I hope you’re enjoying the current issue.


 Sew News is 30 (almost)!
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