Let’s Get Fierce

Last Friday, I helped out my friend Tran Wills of The Fabric Lab by judging the first ever Style Wars competition at the Denver Art Museum. The event was part of the DAM’s “Untitled” series, taking place the last Friday of the month throughout the summer. The talented–and brave–local designers participated in a fun and frenetic Project Runway-style design competition in which they were given a rack of assorted vintage clothing and other materials and about 30 minutes to create something fabulous to flaunt down the runway. As the fabric, feathers and faux fur started flying and the sewing machines started whirring, the packed-in crowd got to watch the designers live as they stitched up their original ensembles.

Each designer did a great job and had a totally different point of view, so it was incredibly hard for us judges to pick a winner. After we tallied up the points, designer Mondo Guerra came out on top with his super-cute mod black-and-white dress with bell sleeves. I also loved Melissa May’s cute asymmetrical red party dress (below) and Kotomi Yoshida’s very unique menswear. Awesome!

Check out more pics of the event here. melissa may1 194x300 Lets Get Fierce

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