The catastrophe of success

If you’re ever wondering whether a store bought present or handmade gift is better, I guarantee handmade will always win. Last night was my friend’s wedding. She really wanted a heart-shaped ring bearer pillow. It was sort of a last minute project for me, and with everything going on at work, I wasn’t sure how I would find the time to make one. So on my lunch break, I called a bunch of stores to see if they carried heart-shaped ring bearer pillows. Some stores had never heard of heart-shaped pillows, some only carried squares and others simply didn’t carry them at all.

I knew I didn’t want to show up with a store-bought square (especially when she wanted a heart), but with time creeping closer and closer to the wedding, I had to do something. I searched through past Sew News issues for ideas and found a heart-shaped pincushion pattern in the Feb/Mar ’09 issue. Before going home, I enlarged it 100% on the copier and stopped by a fabric store to pick up white satin and ribbon (and a premade square pillow just in case). I had 45 minutes to construct a heart pillow from the time I got home to the time I had to leave for the ceremony. I was frazzled and frantic. I was sweating—literally. But I knew that this would be so much more special than simply handing her the purchased backup pillow.

I quickly—albeit patiently—constructed the heart pillow, filled it, hand sewed the open end and tied a ribbon to the center button. I finished … and with 15 minutes to spare! I proudly brought it to the wedding (along with the premade pillow as a backup) and gave it to the bride. She said it was beautiful.

I knew that my hard work paid off. And even though that pillow wasn’t really seen by anybody but the bride, and it wasn’t really in any pictures, and she may never use it again, I know that that handmade token helped make her special day even more wonderful.

Handmade is always the way to go … even if you purchase a backup (just in case).

To download the free heart pattern, click here

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 The catastrophe of success
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