Maybe Sewing 201 would be better…

Last night I went to the Sewing 101 class. I arrived at JoAnn 30 minutes early so I could purchase the class supplies (1 yard of fabric and 1/2 yard of fusible interfacing). I went to the classroom and sat down next to a woman who was talking with the instructor, Jen. The woman had sewn in the past, but she was there for a refresher course. There was another woman there who had never touched a sewing machine in her life.

When the class started, Jen introduced various sewing notions such as a seam ripper, seam gauge, transfer paper, tape measures, scissors and more. She then showed us how to adhere fusible interfacing, although we never actually used it.

We made a drawstring bag using the purchased fabric, zigzag stitches and straight stitches. The project was simple. Although I had a lot of fun, I didn’t really learn anything new (as far as sewing). But I did learn some new things about my sewing machine! Jen showed me a lot of cool tools that came with my machine. I’m actually excited to try them!

The best part of the class was when the woman who had never touched a sewing machine in her life finished her bag. She was so proud of herself!

We can all remember the first project we made and the great feeling that accompanied the accomplishment. When you learn how to sew, you look at everything in a different light. You see a shirt and think, “I could make that!” Or you see a cute bag and you want to get home and sit at your sewing machine. Inspiration comes in so many forms. Last night, that woman inspired me because she showed me how far I have come with sewing in such a short time. Whenever I finish a project, I get excited to learn and make more.

Like the rest of us sewers, that lady stepped into the addictive world of sewing … and she’s not turning back!

Check out the simple drawstring bag I made:

Bag Maybe Sewing 201 would be better...

Even though I didn’t really learn anything new, I really enjoyed the class, as I love sewing. It was relaxing and fun, but I think I’ll have to sign up for Sewing 201, which includes more in-depth garment making using a pattern. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my next sewing education endeavor.

 Maybe Sewing 201 would be better...
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  1. Beth says:

    Love the fabric! Nice work!