Sewing School Pt. 2: Cutting

So last Thursday was Pam’s second sewing “lesson,” which coincided very nicely with Project Runway (BTW–I was really happy to finally see a more interesting challenge on PR.  So far, the challenges have been sort of a yawn. I think using newspaper really brought out the creativity of the best designers–and rooted out Johnny, which was a good thing). We worked on cutting out the pieces for Pam’s shark-print pj pants, and I gave her a little overview on all the symbols and markings you commonly find on a pattern. Pam did a great job meticulously cutting out the pieces. I even let her use my own very precious dressmaker’s shears that I’ve had since I was 17.  Now onto the fun part–construction! Tonight we’re going to get to start sewing, and I’m really excited to see how Pam does using the machine for the very first time. Here’s a picture of her with the cut-out pj pants pieces. So proud! Shark pants, here we come.

Picture 225x300 Sewing School Pt. 2: Cutting

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