I heart NY

I just got back from a trip to Manhattan. I ate a lot, walked a lot and observed a lot. I saw so many cool, fun, chic, weird and interesting fashion trends.

The great thing about New York is that it’s an agglomeration of people from around the world. There’s no place in the United States quite like New York. One street is filled with the sights and sounds of Chinese culture; turn the corner and suddenly you’re in Italy. Walk a few blocks down and you’re in Mexico. And just up the street is the best row of sports bars a football fanatic could ever want.

If you think you need to have a certain look to fit in, think again. I saw women sporting the ’80s look like it was 1984. There were men who wore tights with long T-shirts, kids dressed in fancy hats, elderly women in short skirts and teenagers in buttoned wool cardigans and pleated skirts and slacks. And let’s not forget about the sea of I Heart NY shirts. i heart ny I heart NY

I had to pick up one of these shirts while I was there. It’s a must-have item when visiting NY.

Shopping in SoHo was a really fun experience. There’s something for everyone (and everyone’s pocket book!).

I definitely saw proof of the ’80s comeback when I was in NY (in stores and on people). I’m not quite sure how I feel about this decade’s style, but I do like the bright, daring colors and fabric patterns. But don’t worry. If the ’80s isn’t for you, everyone has a place in New York. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes. New York is all about walking, and painful blisters are definitely not chic!

Do you live in New York City, or have you ever visited? Tell me about the craziest, coolest or most interesting fashion trend you’ve spotted there!

 I heart NY
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  1. Jean Lowenberger says:

    My husband and daughter and I went to New York this summer to watch her play ball in Central Park. We went for the “whole package” with bus tours, a harbour cruise, an outing to the Top of the Rock plus a Broadway Show!! We also got in on a tour of the New Yankee Stadium. Yes we walked lots, shopped lots and came back with wonderful memories of New York, you just can’t help it. Now, after the World Series and the great outcome we can all say We Were There!!