Sewing School Pt. 3: Graduation

Last week, my friend Pam and I got to the fun part of her sewing lesson: construction! I set up my trusty beginner-friendly  Singer machine for Pam to sew her new shark print PJ pants (Butterick 4037), because I thought it might look a little less daunting than my more high tech-looking computerized machine. Turns out, Pam is a sewing natural! After I gave her a little overview of the basic parts and workings of the machine, she was off and stitching. We had very few snags during the process, and Pam was amazed and excited at how quickly and easily she was actually sewing. I made sure to show her how to press as she sewed, and she immediately understood the importance of back tacking. I think this pattern was a great choice for a beginner, plus now Pam has several other projects (robe, shorts, etc.) she can tackle as she feels more confident in her skills. I’m so excited to see what she makes next and feel really proud to have spread the sewing bug!

Here are a few highlights from our sewing marathon.

Pam sews her very first seam:

Picture 030 300x225 Sewing School Pt. 3: Graduation

Reno helps interpret the pattern instructions:

Picture 041 300x225 Sewing School Pt. 3: Graduation

Pam models the finished project. Nice work!

Picture 042 225x300 Sewing School Pt. 3: Graduation

Have you ever taught someone to sew? I’d love to hear your success (and not-so-successful) stories. Please share below!

 Sewing School Pt. 3: Graduation
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