Garment Lesson 1

Rather than spend money on a garment class, I recruited my coworker, Kim, the Editorial Assistant, to help guide me through the steps to making a jacket. Kim graduated with a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY, so I was confident in her lesson.

At JoAnn, we selected the pattern, fabric and notions. I chose a purple and white houndstooth fabric to use with View A of this pattern:

see5408 Garment Lesson 1

I began by cutting the pattern pieces:

 Garment Lesson 1

Then I learned the importance of the grainline. I pinned each pattern piece to the fabric:

 Garment Lesson 1

I cut out the pieces:

 Garment Lesson 1

Then I fused interfacing to the appropriate pattern pieces:

13935 1288147643353 1220061894 30860736 1961592 n Garment Lesson 1

Following the pattern guidesheet and Kim’s expertise, I constructed the jacket pieces.

In that lesson I learned:

  • Pattern symbols
  • Darts
  • Pressing collars
  • Grainline
  • Setting sleeves
  • Ease

I constructed the back and front panels, the collar and one sleeve. I still have to sew on the remaining sleeve, finish the  hem and stitch the buttons and buttonholes.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished garment!

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One Response to Garment Lesson 1

  1. Meredith P says:

    Don’t mean to be a downer…I assume you have no fitting issues? If not, good for you.

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