100 0424 300x225 PUMPKIN FEST!

There’s nothing quite like a cheesecake-filled pumpkin cupcake.

I love to bake–especially when pumpkin is involved. And although I should have been starting my holiday sewing (the gifts I plan to make for family & friends), I made these delicious cupcakes this weekend instead! It was snowing outside and the smell of pumpkin was so lovely. If you’re looking for the recipe, it’s in the November issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray. It’s probably on their Web site too!

What are your favorite pumpkin dishes? I”m always looking for new ones to try!

Happy Pumpkin Fest!


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One Response to PUMPKIN FEST!

  1. Abby says:

    Yummo….these look and sound sooooo good. I love anything pumpkin also.