Beware of Fraud

Dear readers,

Please be aware of subscription renewal companies that pretend to work with Sew News and fraudulently collect your money. If you receive a subscription notification from the following list (or any other company that is not Sew News) please discard it and/or report it to the Better Business Bureau. Please don’t confuse a notice from these companies with a renewal notice sent by Sew News.

  • Publishers Billing Exchange, Inc.
  • Publishers Billing Agency
  • Magazine Payment Services
  • Readers Payment Service
  • Platinum Subscription Services
  • National Magazine Services, Inc.
  • Publishers Magazine Billing
  • Publishers Periodical Service
  • Publishers Distribution Services

Remember: If you’re not writing out the check to Sew News, it’s probably a scam.

If you receive a bill and you are unsure, feel free to e-mail customer service at, or call (800) 289-6397.

Have a safe and happy December!

 Beware of Fraud
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One Response to Beware of Fraud

  1. Marlene says:

    I receive 3 magazines and for the past couple of months I would get the renewal notices for all three magazines, each in a separate envelope. The first time I just shredded them, the second time I read more closely and found a email address. I email them and requested that my name be removed from their mailing list. They emailed back that they had.