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dmc1 Fun Crafting Videosdmc Fun Crafting Videos

Did you ever make friendship bracelets for your pals in elementary school? I remember riding my bike to Hobby Lobby during the summer to pick out embroidery floss colors and then learning new knots and designs from my friends in the neighborhood. We’d end up with a ridiculous amount of bracelets stacked on our wrists and ankles by the time school was starting again. Well, it looks like these fun little buddy bracelets are making a comeback! In step with the Spring 2o10 trend of multiple mismatched bracelets, we’re seeing expensive designer versions of these knotted and woven beauties. But why spend $180 when you can make your own? If you need to brush up on your bracelet-making skills, DMC’s Crafty Kristin has just the tutorial video for you. And while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to learn the basics of hand embroidery and cross stitch. Fun!

 Fun Crafting Videos
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2 Responses to Fun Crafting Videos

  1. Christine says:

    There is no video link to click on above.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Christine,
      If you click on the friendship bracelet image, it should take you to the video on DMC’s site.