New Baby & Big Sister Project

Exciting news! Last night at 10:34, my new little cousin Taelor was born. She and her mom are doing great. Here’s a peek from Taelor’s first photo shoot:

Taelor New Baby & Big Sister Project

When I found out that a new cousin was on the way, I needed something special to sew for both Taelor and her five-year-old big sister Marina. Being an oldest sister myself, I remembered all the attention that got showered on my little sisters when they were born, so I wanted to make something that would help Marina feel included in the excitement. Thank goodness for Sew It All! After racking my brain for ideas, I remembered Linda Permann’s super cute and super simple “Tee Time” project featured in Sew It All’s “Kid-Friendly” section. I found a plain ready-made purple T-shirt for Marina and a pink onesie for Taelor at a nearby “big box” store and got to work making these personalized applique tops:

Picture 101 300x225 New Baby & Big Sister Project

I love this project! It was fun making the first-initial appliques, and it took less than an hour to finish both T-shirts. I’m also always looking for ways to use smaller fabric scraps, so this was a great way to utilize them. Here’s a close-up on Taelor’s initial:

Picture 102 300x225 New Baby & Big Sister Project

This project is a perfect example of why I love Sew It All. It’s filled with simple, cool, totally doable projects that make sewing fun and accessible.  We’d love to see examples of Sew It All projects you’ve made too, so be sure to send us pictures and feedback!

And if you still need to pick up your own copy of Sew It All, look for it on newsstands or find it here.

 New Baby & Big Sister Project
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