Got Sew it All?

We’re now down to less than 50 copies of Sew It All in our store. If you still haven’t ordered your own copy, don’t wait! Having 45 quick projects at your fingertips is a great resource, whether you’re a sewing veteran or a relative newbie. The simple, doable ideas help you see sewing in a  fun new way, showing you ways to use scraps from your stash, help a beginner get started or make handmade gifts.

On a personal level, Sew it All has come in really handy for me. Over the past week, a family member of mine has been experiencing some health problems. In addition to the puzzle books, magazines and flowers I brought her, I wanted to make something special for her so she’d have a little reminder that I’m thinking of her. I needed a quick idea, so right away, I thought of the “Feathered Friend” bird softie in Sew It All. I printed out the pattern in half-scale and then quickly stitched up a little fleece friend in time for my visit yesterday. I was glad I could bring her something that I’d made, and I hope it helped bring a little cheer as well.

Here’s a picture of this “Feathered Friend” posing with some pretty spring dafodils:

Picture 001 225x300 Got Sew it All?

As always, we’d love to see the projects you’ve made from Sew It All too, so be sure to post them in our gallery.

 Got Sew it All?
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