We Have Awesome Readers!

I just spoke with American Friends of Cecily’s Fund, and they told me that our readers are doing a great job sending in bags! Thank you to everyone who has sent in a bag or is planning to get involved!

Please remember that when you make the bag, include the American Friends of Cecily’s Fund logo somewhere on the bag. You can do this with fabric paint, hot-fix crystals, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, appliqué … the possibilities are endless! The logo doesn’t have to be perfect, but remember that we want to spread the word about American Friends of Cecily’s Fund, and the best way to do this is with the logo.

To download the FREE embroidery design, simply go to the Creative Machine Embroidery Web site. It’s quick and easy!

Keep up the great work, readers! You all are amazing for helping such a wonderful organization. Kudos!

cecilys fund logo us We Have Awesome Readers!

 We Have Awesome Readers!
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