Happy Friday to all!

Answer the questions below by posting a comment and we’ll pick one person at random to win The Sew It Book: Ten Things to Make with a Needle and Thread and Odds and Ends, original text by Rachel Taft Dixon, reissued by Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction and The Vintage Workshop (MSRP: $19.99).

sew it book1 150x150 FREE STUFF FRIDAY!

1. Are you a Sew News subscriber, or do you buy it on the newsstand?

2. How did you find us on Facebook?

Keep checking back! We’ll pick one winner from the answers below.

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61 Responses to FREE STUFF FRIDAY!

  1. Laura Grossner says:

    I buy your pub on the news stand when ever i see it. I already have wayyyyy too many (over 20) other pubs coming to the house so have to “sneak” in the others that i want also; am waiting for some subs to end so can wade through some i know i don’t want to p/up others i do. When i got on fb I NATURALLY went looking for quilting sites and when i ran across your pub again i NATURALLY came looking for you. It was of course a “no brainer” ! I love the patterns and the lessons. keep up the great work.

  2. I will be a member! Found your link on another blog while surfing.
    Big hug,

  3. Marian Brooks says:

    I subscribe to sew news, love the magazine
    Found this site on facebook

  4. Ellen says:

    I Am subscriber to Sew News and saw the ad in Sew News magazine about FaceBook

  5. Susan says:

    I received a gift subscription – I have been sewing for years. My daughter and I have opend a small busiess designing and sewing children’s clothes. We are having a hard time finding snaps and zippers that meet the Consumper Protection Safety Act. Do you have any readers who might have suggestions?

  6. Haylee says:

    I buy it on the newstand and I searched for you guys and found you!

  7. Pam VanAustin says:

    I am a long time subscriber.

    Learned about you on Facebook from the magazine.

  8. Mary says:

    I used to subscribe, but now read at the library.
    Found you on FB by being fanned.

  9. Judie Stevens says:

    I am a subscriber to Sew News magazine.
    I found Sew News magazine on Facebook by entering “Sew News Magazine” in the search box.

  10. saskia Stallings says:

    I learned about your facebook page in my sew news catalog

  11. saskia Stallings says:

    I’m a subscriber