Happy Friday to all!

Answer the questions below by posting a comment and we’ll pick one person at random to win The Sew It Book: Ten Things to Make with a Needle and Thread and Odds and Ends, original text by Rachel Taft Dixon, reissued by Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction and The Vintage Workshop (MSRP: $19.99).

sew it book1 150x150 FREE STUFF FRIDAY!

1. Are you a Sew News subscriber, or do you buy it on the newsstand?

2. How did you find us on Facebook?

Keep checking back! We’ll pick one winner from the answers below.

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61 Responses to FREE STUFF FRIDAY!

  1. Donna says:

    1. I am a Sew News subscriber!
    2. I did a search on “sew”

    This book looks really cool!!

  2. Laura Mendoza says:

    Subscribe to Sew News
    Found you on FB when someone else “fanned” you

  3. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I love the magazine. I always find good cost saving tips. I found out that you were on Facebook from the magazine when I read the most recent issue. I’d like to see more ideas for plus-size women. Keep us in mind.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Kay says:

    this book would be a nice addition to my others… have a great weekend & keep quilting!!! :o )

  5. Jessica says:

    I am a subscriber and I searched for the facebook when I became a subscriber

  6. kathi says:

    1. i am a subscriber.
    2. i looked for you on facebook because i’m a subsriber.

  7. melissa dahan says:

    1. Are you a Sew News subscriber, or do you buy it on the newsstand?
    I buy it at Barnes and Noble.

    2. How did you find us on Facebook?
    I searched for you and found you :)


  8. sandy says:


  9. Lisa Decker says:

    1. I used to subscribe to Sew News, when I sewed almost all the time. Now my life is so much busier I do not sew as much, so I buy the magazine at the newstand, when a project looks really good!
    2. I found you on Facebook through an email sent to me from you.

  10. Jean Carpenter says:

    I became aquainted with SewNews by a suggestion from a quilting friend. Love your “News”

  11. Leslie Rangel says:

    I had a gift subscription for a while but now I buy it when I can afford to. I found you on facebook by searching for you!! I love all the tips and tricks!

  12. Patty says:

    I’m a subscriber. I found Sew News on Facebook by typing “sewing” in the search bar! It was as easy as that!

  13. pat mooneyhan says:

    I found you on facebook thru a friend……

  14. Sheila Whitney says:

    I buy Sew News on the newstand and look at it online.
    Facebook had a recommended site to join.

    I love sewing, please pick me!

  15. JayeL says:

    1. I buy it on the news stand, but received my first issue from a friend as a gift, because it had a great tote bag on it. I haven’t made the tote bag yet, but it is on my list.
    2. I saw a link from one of my friends or another one of my groups.

  16. Mary Ann Coleman says:

    I was a subscriber, but currently am not. I receive SewNews emails which is where I found you on Facebook.

  17. Cheryl C says:

    1. not yet a subscriber; buy it on the newsstand
    2. a friend “fanned” you and I linked to you that way.

    Love you, btw!!! Wish I had found you much earlier. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  18. Vickie says:

    I get sew news at the newstands! I also love Sew It All!
    I just happened on my first issue of Sew News at JoAnn’s! They have great projects that my daughter can use also!

  19. Margaret Fell-Gordon says:

    Used to get in mail. Get at store sometimes.
    Just typed in your name to see if it was there!
    Love your ideas and information!
    Thanks, Keep up the good work!

  20. Pat Pasciak says:

    I currently buy Sew News on the newsstand. I used to have a subscription but I let it expire since I will be moving soon and I will renew it then. I found Sew News on facebook by the Sew News email that I receive. I will be ready for a lot of new projects after I move because I have to downsize my fabric stash since I will be in a much smaller house.

  21. Melissa says:

    1. I am neither at the moment. I just discovered Sew News.
    2. I saw Sew News mentioned in’s website.

  22. Sharon Mayo says:

    Not a sew news subscriber; but I love the magazine when I do get to see it. I have you are one of my favorite places to visit on facebook.

  23. Sharon Mayo says:

    I have not had a subscription to Sew News for awhile, but do love your magazine. I have you as one of my favorite places on facebook, so I saw your ad today. :)

  24. Peggy Belcher-Dixon says:

    I love Sew News and subscribed many, many years ago but now just check out on website and facebook. Retired and have to watch things in this economy. BUT keep up the good work.

  25. Fran says:

    Yes, I am a Sew News subscriber and have been for several years. It’s a terrific magazine. I’ve given gift subscriptions to friends who sew. Found you on FB because of an invitation from Sew News. Keep up the good work!

  26. Debbie Helser says:

    I love this magazine. I will have to subscribe once again!!

  27. Cecile says:

    1. Are you a Sew News subscriber, or do you buy it on the newsstand?
    2. How did you find us on Facebook?
    I searched for you to see if you were there

  28. Helen Ancic says:

    I am a Sew News suscriber. I found you on facebook from your website.

  29. Nancy Hutchins says:

    I used to be a subscriber, but now we travel in an RV more than we are home, so gave up magazine subscriptions. Still pick it up when I run across it. Love that I can access on the internet!!

  30. Denise Bennett says:

    I am not a subscriber, but purchase it every month. and I found you here thru someone elses “fan”. I teach sewing and love your projects for sewers of every experience level!

  31. Karen Thompson says:

    subscriber,seen the add in magazine for facebook

  32. Audrey Steenburn says:

    I have been a subscriber for more than 20 years I think.

    Searched on FB I think.

  33. I have been a subscriber for several years and love the fresh ideas that come every other month. It gives me new ones to create for my home and grandchildren

  34. Karen Heinrich says:

    Subscriber for a loooooong time. I think Sew News popped up on my facebook sidebar. Love the magazine!

  35. Karyl Jacobson says:

    1. I am a subscriber. Got the latest today and stopped everything to read it!
    2. I don’t remember how I found you on facebook but I sure am glad I did.

  36. Julie C says:

    1. Love Sew News! I pick it up at the local bookstore when hubby and I go out for coffee. So many new ideas in each issue that always make me want to sew something new
    2. Found it on FB thru this blog

  37. Wanda White says:

    1. Are you a Sew News subscriber, or do you buy it on the newsstand?
    I subscribe to it. I have been getting it for years and I enjoy the magazine very much!

    2. How did you find us on Facebook?
    I subscribed to Sew News on facebook from their email I get every month. The email had a link for facebook.

  38. Marian Brooks says:

    found the website in my latest issue of sew news!!!

  39. Jessica says:

    a friend just gave me an issue of sewnews…my first!

    And I found you through facebook through a friend “liking” you!

  40. Jeanne Story says:

    1) I buy from the news-stand [at least while I am unemployed]
    2) How did I find you on Facebook? I cheated and looked at the favorite sites for people on another site, and there you were – just what I needed to bring my spirits up!

  41. Ruthann Yeaton says:

    I subscribe. It was a Christmas gift this year (along with a machine upgrade). This magazine is the best! I read it over and over and always learn something new, find a project or just enjoy the wonderful photographs.
    I subscribe to Sew News on facebook (the suggestion for subscribing was sent to me by a friend).

  42. Maureen Vonnahme says:

    1) I’m a Sew News subscriber.
    2) I saw a link on facebook so I joined.
    Love the magazine. I used my free year subscription & sent it to my sister who also shares it with her daughter. Love the info in it, the new projects, & the articles on the different designers. I’ve been sewing since I was a freshman in high school in 1966!

  43. judylenell says:

    link from sew news

  44. Susan says:

    I buy Sew News whenever I can on the magazine rack.

    Sew News showed up on my sidebar on Facebook.

  45. Heidi L says:

    I have been a subscriber since the 90′s…. ya, THAT long !! I’ve been a fan on FB ever since you’ve been on FB ! : )

  46. Elaine says:

    I am a long time subscriber.
    Found the facebook ad in the magazine.
    I look forward to receiving my magazine in the mail every month and have saved all my back copies.

  47. Tonie M. says:

    I have subscribed to this magazine for years & I searched for it after I saw the facebook add in the June/July issue.

  48. Nancy Opsahl says:

    Sew News was the first magaine I subcribered to years ago when I got back into sewing after my children left and I retired. I have enjoyed it every since. I would like more idea for inexpensive guilts for hosts gifts. thanks

  49. Nancy Opsahl says:

    I like best going to the sew news site as I don’t do facebook

  50. MJ says:

    1 – subscriber
    2 – i just searched for ya!

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