Free Stuff Friday!

How often do you find time to sew for yourself? Usually I find myself making something for a birthday, baby shower, wedding or other upcoming occasion. Even when I come across fabric that I’d love to turn into something to wear, it usually ends up as another UFO at the bottom of the project pile. The new book Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt has inspired me to change that!

sewserendipity Free Stuff Friday!

Sew Serendipity is accompanied by three full-size patterns that can be modified and adjusted in dozens of ways for lots of different body types and sizes, and the beautiful photography has me itching to create something new. In the spirit of spending some quality time sewing just for you, we’re giving away a free copy of Sew Serendipity to one lucky reader! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post by Monday 3 PM Eastern time, telling us about the most recent project you’ve made for yourself–and if you’ve had the time to finish it!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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56 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. I finished a jumper to wear at the final presentation in the class I teach on garment design. I hardly had time to do it becasue I was so busy helping the students finish their projects. I felt like it had to be good (after all I am the teacher) but I did not have time to make the matching jacket. So . . . when all else fails . . . fire up the bejeweller, add some bling and hope it stays warm and that you do not need something to wear with your dress!

  2. The last thing I sewed for myself was a patch for my jeans made from a scrap piece of flowered tapesty. I cut out a flower after doing a satin stitch around the outside of it then zig zagged it onto my holy knee. I’ve done this for my 39 year old daughter’s PJs too. Before that I sewed a pair of stretch denim jeans butI put the fly in backwards. I have no idea how that happened. I believe it was the sewing gremlins at work. I wear them anyway. Just finished linen drapes for the family room. (6 panels 54x 108). I am helping a little girl get started with some yo yo’s. I have promised to help her make a doll when we have enough. The truth is I have lost a lot of confidence in my sewing ability. 40 years ago I used to sew all my clothes and my children’s. I knitted, crocheted, tried my hand at quilting but I seem to have developed some sort of fear of sewing. I bought a new serger almost 2 years ago and haven’t touched it. I really could use a swift kick or something maybe not quite so dramatic. A new book would help.
    I am a subcriber to sew magazines and web sites. I also have one of the largest collection of fabrics of anyone I know. No problem purchasing.

  3. Diane says:

    Since I never get rid of anything in my closet, and I have several things that could be remade or refitted, I have been working my way though my closet. Since these things be completed faster than starting from scratch and worn right away, they are my immediate goal. I do have several projects half finished and will tackle them soon.

  4. carmen says:

    I went to an estate sale and purchased a pink linen dress (about
    2 sizes to big for me) for $1.50. I cut the bottom off and made a skirt (that was quick). next is the top which is going to get small ruffles and tucks at the neckline and darts to make the top fit me. That one is still pending, because i need a little more fabric to make the ruffle !

  5. Paula says:

    Our ASG goup had ugly material and we had to make something useful. The material was so ugly that I make a baby bunting by have the right side on the inside and this made the outside a very mutted colors. No more green worms and red,red apples and strawberries. The teal is a very pretty teal on the outside. Still need to add neck and cuff trims.

  6. Cinda says:

    Last thing i made for myself????? omg …..always making for someone else – guess this must stop!! lol

  7. Heather says:

    oops! it should say “so the shoulder seams wouldn’t come apart!”

  8. Heather says:

    I took an old t-shirt and cut it up the middle of the front. Then I cut off the sleeves and neck band and had myself a vest. The only sewing that I had to do on it was to tack the shoulder seams so they would come apart. Easy!

  9. debbie allen says:

    actually I sew for a living (yeah!!) . I run my own alterations shop and love every minute of it. Still, I find time to make myself or the grandchildren something about every other week. My most recent project is a chambray blue bikini for my 13 month old, she looks like a doll in it!!

  10. Marjorie says:

    All I been doing is taken my clothes small since I been lose weight.
    I have a large stack of material I was going to make me some new clothes but all I am doing is making my clothes smaller.

  11. Sallee Kraics says:

    Maybe a year ago, I finished a flared skirt that I wanted to wear to work. But between shortening the pattern for my petite height & expanding the waistline for my huge waist, I made it too short. Lately, I added 2 rows of trim-the 1″ wide bias binding. It’s great now- & I got manycompliments at work.

  12. Amie says:

    I am trying to get back into sewing, so I am going with easier projects. My current UFO is a one-hour knit summer dress that has taken me 8 hours so far! I haven’t made any goofs, it’s taking me awhile to get going. But I will finish it next week, come heck or high water!

  13. Mindy says:

    Most of the time, I make quilts for gifts and am the family seamstress…also the seamstress for all my friends that need help. I enjoy doing the work, but wish that I could commit more time for my own projects. I love wearable art and hope to move in that direction in the future.

  14. Not too often for myself but I did just finished a flannel shirt and a laptop sleeve and have another flannel shirt cut out. Have the makings for a new bag to start this weekend. However, would much rather sew for grandchildren as the “pay” is better getting all those hugs and special thanks yous.

  15. Wanda White says:

    I made myself a purse with a frame. Since making it I have sold over a dozen of them. I love the purse and altered the pattern for different sizes.

  16. Karen A says:

    I am in process of sewing a blouse out of a sheer embroidered fabric. Need to finish it so I can go back to sewing for my fashionista daughter who keeps coming up with projects for me.

  17. Sherrie Stauffer says:

    I’ve been working on pj’s for myself for the past 3 months. Finally got them cut out, wonder how long it will take me to sew!

  18. Sara says:

    I counted cross-stitched some birds on linen and made it into a pillow for my living room sofa.

  19. Susan Spiers says:

    I haven’t made anything for myself because I can’t find the time!

  20. CatlynnSews says:

    I spend sew much time sewing for others – I plan to spend the last two weeks of Aug on sewing just for me! I had several UFO’s that I either completed this last winter or gave away. I have a lots of quilt blocks that were either leftovers or not perfect…. so I used them to make donation blankets. I realized my “imperfections” were not really “imperfect”.

  21. CatlynnSews says:

    me too!! I would love this book….. I need some new inspiration.

  22. Annette says:

    Lately all I’ve gotten around to for myself is to buy a couple of sheer dresses at the second hand store and make some beautiful neck scarves. That was a couple of months ago, though.

  23. Jeanne Wolfe says:

    The last project I made for myself is a mystery quilt class taken with my daughter and our friend – I am embarrassed to admit that I have not finished it because I haven’t made the time to sort all the pre-cut pieces into “my quilt” vs “dd’s quilt…” I really need to work on THAT this weekend!

  24. Sheila Whitney says:

    I would love this book. I have so much fabric with plans to make things that don’t get done or takes way too long. I could use some new ideas on how to get them done.

  25. Sharon says:

    Recently I made a sleeveless tunic, very cute, with a nice cotton. Some of the instructions were not as easy as they should have been but I muddled through. I want to make another just to practice doing some of it the right way! The book would be great.

  26. Maria Kievit says:

    Sewn anything for myself? Are you kidding? Between the alterations I do for a business, and sewing clothes from scratch for other people, I don’t have time to often sew for my own and my own children. They need outfits too. Some of them have been cut out for a couple of years now, but never sewn….

  27. Diana says:

    I just made a black linen blend jacket / blazer for myself. I’m job hunting, and thought it would be good to have a nice black jacket. I have a suede like one, but it’s too hot looking for summer.

  28. Lori says:

    I learned to sew about 2 months ago. Since I work for a local public school, I have been off this summer. I have made a few tote bags and purses for my daughter and myself, a pillow for my husband and I am about to start a dress for myself (as soon as I take a few moments to breathe and try to relax about it). This looks like a wonderful book!! I would love to try some of the patterns!

  29. Deb Plevo says:

    This would be great to win so I could get a better fit and different designs for myself and the lady that I sew for.

  30. Donna says:

    I would love to win this book!

    I have been sewing purses for three years now and would love to learn to start making clothing!

    This book looks so inspirational to get me started!

  31. Judy says:

    I’m presently working on a dress for myself made out of linen blend fabric–easy care. I find at my age I can make clothes more economically, fit better and look better on me than I can buy ready made clothes. Would love the book.

  32. Diane says:

    Since my husband was in the hospital for 6 weeks until the end of May, my mother passed away right after he got out, and my daughters and granddaughters bring me projects that need to be done, it’s hard to remember the last project I did for myself! See why I need inspiriation? Pick me! Pick me!

  33. Carih says:

    I tried to make a knit top, but I’m still learning to do more than big squares with straight lines for baby blankets. The curve and stretch of the neckline has caused challenges! That’s ok though… I’ll keep trying until I get it right. I’d love a copy of this book to help me learn.

  34. Jeny says:

    Last thing I made for myself (in the past couple of weeks)? A skirt, out of cotton batik fabric I’ve had for at least 6 years…but I’m not all that pleased with the drape of it. It’s hanging in the closet next to the other skirt I made a few months ago that I also haven’t yet worn… Need practice!

  35. Gena Harakal says:

    I have many clothing projects and too little time.

  36. Sharon says:

    I would love this book. I recently acquired a huge stack of my mother’s fabric stash. I need motivation to get started. I haven’t sewn much for several years, working and kids do take up my time. But now, I do have the time and desire but I lack “getting it done”.

  37. Laura says:

    In May, I made a blue/turquoise/silver party dress and a turquoise floral tiered skirt for myself. I finished them both, because I had a deadline of May 19 – the day I had major surgery. And, I needed both pieces for a mid-June convention. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sew for a bit after surgery, so I wanted them complete. Currently, I’m working on a couple of cute purses and a jacket. Would like to enter them in the county fair in August, so I’m really working on them. I usually get everything done that I want to make for myself. I do have a couple of baby sleepers to make for a late-August baby shower, but I have lots of time for those.

  38. Gini says:

    I am on the quest for perfectly fitting pants. Between Nancy Zeiman and Sandra Betzina I am getting close. Made three pair this season.

  39. Mimi Morton says:

    Forgot to add what I’ve just made…finished a cute little dog for my Grand-daughter Raegan for her American Girl doll. It turned out so cute and Raegan was so happy. Next comes the outfits for her 2 dolls.

  40. Mimi Morton says:

    I would love to win…pick me please, it would make my day! =)

  41. Heidi says:

    The last thing I made for myself? Just like everyone else, I made keychain gifts for the family, and also made one for myself!! Would love this book !!!

  42. Penny Bradley says:

    I made myself a set of bedroom curtains. Still in progress. The last clothing item I made myself was a camp shirt in a bright, fun print. It’s now worn out, so I guess it’s that time again.

  43. Jean B. says:

    I just finished a dress that I am wearing to a wedding tomorrow! Took me a couple weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, but I finally got it done in time! It’s a sleeveless A-line with a pretty scarf collar tied in front. (Burda Style 7541) Was fun to use my serger (I’m learning) to finish edges, and I was also impressed that I learned how to do an invisible zipper!

  44. Susan Brooks says:

    I just made myself a wrap dress that I’ll wear to a wedding in September. I want to go back to making my own clothes again, better fit, better fabric and a style I like.

  45. Jeanne says:

    The front cover looks quite appealing – I could use some bright inspiration about now!

  46. Ana says:

    Just this morning I was browsing that same book at Barnes & Noble and LOVED all the clothes in it! I would love a copy of this book!

  47. Jamie says:

    I recently made a cute Coach style wristlet for myself. It’s nice and small, perfect for summer outings with the girls or shopping trips. Save me $70+ and I got to pick my own fabric :) :)

  48. Monica says:

    This is on my wish list! :-)

  49. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I would love a book like that !!

  50. Susan Melton says:

    I bought several patterns and material to make myself some summer tops…4 years ago! I’m ashamed to say the patterns have not even been opened yet. I need some inspiration! Help!