August already?!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the calendar yesterday and saw August 1 staring back at me! In June, I made a list of Christmas gifts and projects I want to make this year—and of course I set aside the list thinking, “Oh, I have plenty of time.” But the time is flying by!

Pretty soon, some of us will be storing our shorts and sandals and getting our closets ready with light jackets and long-sleeve shirts. I have to admit, fall is one of my favorite seasons (winter is a close second). I’m a cold-weather girl, so I always look forward to crisp, cool air, cozy blankets, changing leaves and comforting dinners, like pot roast or macaroni and cheese!

I want to make plenty of cozy Christmas gifts for my friends this year. On my list: blankets, pillows, quilts, scarves and hats. Maybe even the Cozy Slippers in the Aug/Sept issue of Sew News. Beth made these from a recycled wool sweater. How adorable are they?! 

slipper August already?!

One of our readers even suggested making these slippers using old fleece coats. What a great idea! I might add some puff paint dots to the slipper bottoms to give them a little grip on hard surfaces. Do you have any fun ideas on how to personalize these fabulous slippers?

While I’m on the subject of holidays, I should probably get to ordering holiday fabric so I can get started on my projects. Check out these adorable holiday fabrics from Sometimes just looking at fabric can inspire project ideas.

Medium DH 950 August already?!

Medium DH 198 August already?!

Medium DF 185 August already?!

These would make the cutest home-dec projects!

OK, now that I’ve looked through fabric options and told you about my goals, I’m motivated to get started. I hope I motivated you, too.

Sometimes it’s difficult to begin your holiday gift sewing when you have a bunch of other UFOs lying around. But that’s what makes sewers like us so amazing; we love to keep busy—even if that means we have a bunch of half-finished projects on the back burner. (We’ll finish them eventually!)

What are you planning on making for the holidays?

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4 Responses to August already?!

  1. Susan Brooks says:

    I’ve already made 2 sets of pot holders. I like to make small tissue holders as people seem to like them. I want to make some aprons. Does puffy paint make the slippers unslippery? The slickness of the bottoms is the only thing holding me back, they are so cute!

  2. Kari says:

    Hi Susan! Puff paint does work to help give grip to the slipper bottoms. Just apply a thin layer (zigzags, dots, swirls, etc.) and allow it to dry.
    Here are some other ideas:
    You could sew on fabric with gripper dots:

    Or read these suggestions from other people concerned about the same thing:

  3. Smithc430 says:

    Very nice! bbdaefceea

  4. Smithg47 says:

    Very nice! bbadbedafe

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