Sewing Idol–Only 1 Month to Go!

Idol Sewing Idol  Only 1 Month to Go!

The Sewing Idol contest is going strong! We’ve received more than 50 amazingly heartwarming essays and over 56,000 votes! There’s only one month left to vote or nominate a sewing buddy, so read the entries, choose your favorite, and then round up your family and friends to get voting! To really get some momentum going, share your favorite entry on your Facebook or Twitter page. I’ve been having so much fun reading the essays and comments, and I’ll admit that I’ve even gotten a little misty-eyed here and there! It’s so inspiring to learn about the impact these Sewing Idols have made in their families and communities. Here are some of my favorite comments about our nominees so far:

About nominee Angie Grantman:

  • “…I am the mother of a special needs child…When my daughter fractured her spine and had to wear a brace, Angie modified tons of tank tops so that we could tube feed her without having to take off the brace every time. Now she has more modesty as we can tube her without even having to lift her tank top up. Angie has made many other personalized gifts for my daughter over the years, and we adore each one!”

About nominee Ashley Hackshaw (blog:

  • “…I came across her blog a few months ago and am HOOKED! She has an amazing talent and knack for sewing and creating. Most people like herself aren’t willing to share their ideas and methods – but Ashley has them there ready to share with all of us so we can learn and create too. She is a sewing inspiration!!”

About nominee Dottie LeSane:

  • “Dottie is a wonderful person and mentor. I have MS and severe vision problems…Knowing this, Dottie said she could and would teach me (to sew), and has for a couple of years. Her patience is legendary, and sense of humor, warm and earthy… She is always there for support, words of caution, and a wealth of knowledge on how to fix a mistake. She is an exceptional teacher, I have had others…that just gave up, but never Miss Dottie.”

About nominee Judy Breedlove:

  • “…My sister mentioned to Judy that my grandson needed some warm clothing and the next thing I knew a package arrived with the cutest warm outfits for him. She had sewn some clothing for my children when they were little…and still had some fabric that matched what she had made them. She’s a wonderful woman who is always there to help.”

About nominee Teresa Johnson:

  • “Teresa has not only been help but inspiration to many. She never has an unkind thing to say and encourages everyone to do their best. Whether she gave advice, sent a link to a tutorial or just had a kind word for a new sewer, she has done it with humility and love.”

About nominee Jacki Bock:

  • “I am voting for Jacki, because she gives of her time (sewing) for others unselfishly, which carries over in her job as a nurse at our local hospital and with her family. I can’t believe how she gets all of her sewing projects completed but she does! She is a very silent hard worker, never looking for praise.”

About nominee Linda Durbin:

  • “Linda is an amazing seamtress, teacher and friend to all. She is an inspiration to all in the creative world.”

Read dozens more heartfelt essays and comments here and don’t forget to vote!

 Sewing Idol  Only 1 Month to Go!
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