Sew News at Baby Lock Tech

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been so busy after returning from Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis (although Aug 29 seems like it was yesterday), but I’m finally getting to post some of the photos I took while attending this great conference!

After the opening ceremonies (when Steve Jeffreys, President of BL sings, dances and gets everyone in the mood), Baby Lock hosted a lovely cocktail meet-and-greet, where I found my friend Joi Mahon.

Ellen Joi2 300x288 Sew News at Baby Lock Tech

The next day, I rushed to find my pals at Sulky.

Jason Ellen Fred 300x225 Sew News at Baby Lock Tech

I went to a great media event to learn all about the new Baby Lock products that will be available at machine dealers. Super cool stuff–to be shared in upcoming issues of Sew News!

I spent my lunch break going up into the St. Louis Arch. I will NEVER do that again! I didn’t think I was claustrophobic, but after being in that little tiny elevator that takes you to the top….let’s just say I fear small spaces when 5 strangers knees are touching and we all have to crouch together for 4 minutes with minimal oxygen to share. YIKES! I did get some cool shots of the Arch. Here’s my fav:

Under the Arch 300x225 Sew News at Baby Lock Tech

Thanks to Baby Lock for having me–and I hope you all enjoyed the very brief recap! Stay tuned for more info on new Baby Lock machines, products and extras!

 Sew News at Baby Lock Tech
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