Sew News at American Sewing Expo

Kim Lee and I returned from the American Sewing Expo and have just about recovered! There’s so much to do in three days that it can be overwhelming. But we’ve rested and digested, and I’m ready to share some photos of the event!

Kim participated in the Passion for Fashion challenge this year, and here she is on day one–still smiling. It got WAY more hectic as the weekend went on, but here she is at her station before the challenge was presented.

kim day 1 still smiling 300x225 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

Twelve designers were chosen (from over 30) to compete in this year’s challenge. The designers had to choose a classic car and base their design on the car in some way. Kim chose a 1953 Studebaker Starliner.

kims car 300x225 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

Kim will have much more to share on her blog post, so I’ll let her speak from her point of view (stay tuned)! She is so talented, and it was really great watching her creative genius at work.

163 300x231 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

I spent the first couple of days at the Sew Experience Cafe, doing make-and-take demos of a T-Shirt Redo project. We took a T-shirt, cut it down the center, and then bound the cut edges with bias binding.

Here are some nice ladies hard at work! (Actually, we spent more time gabbing than we did sewing, but we still got the shirts done in record time.)

making T shirts1 300x296 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

t shirt fun 300x225 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

Here are some great gals modeling their creations!

modeling t shirts1 234x300 Sew News at American Sewing Expo modeling t shirt11 276x300 Sew News at American Sewing Expo

We had a great time and everyone loved the project.

Did you come to ASE this year? Let us know about your experience by commenting below.

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2 Responses to Sew News at American Sewing Expo

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I couldn’t make it this year, but perhaps next year. It looks like “sew” much fun.

  2. Sheliah says:

    After three years of absence from “American Sewing Expo”, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. I tried as many of the “make and takes” that I could and they were all fun. The fashion shows were just great. The Passion For Fashion participants were great.

    I was very disappoointed that I could not get my Kenneth King book autographed. I truly hate I missed getting to see him. Overall I enjoyed the “SHOW”.

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