Free Stuff Friday!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve… So many fun holidays are right around the corner!

TELL US! What holiday or special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) gets your sewing juices flowing? And what do you like to make?

From the answers, one winner will be randomly selected to win Quick and Easy Pillows & Cushions: 50 Step-By-Step Projects edited by Alison Wormleighton. MSRP: $24.95 

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 Free Stuff Friday!
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71 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Laura says:

    Birthdays do it for me! I have a Babylock embroidery machine and I love, love , love to make something monogrammed for the people on my birthday list. Whether it is a simple cosmetic bag, a key chain, or a Long Weekend Bag, it makes it so personal when you add the monogram.

  2. Don’t need an occasion, just a grandchild to sew for. This Halloween I made my two granddaughters special Halloween circle skirts complete with ghosts, witches and pumpkins.

  3. Denise says:

    Fall is such a special time….I live in Louisiana, not so much for changing colors, so I depend on beautiful fabrics to satisfy my love of fall colors! And that gets my creative juices going……

  4. Ingeborg C Gottschalk says:

    I have one Granddaughter and four Grandsons ages 8-18.They all wouldn’t wear ‘Store bought’ flannel PJ bottoms.
    My Christmas Sewing project for so many years, are Plaid-Flannel PJ bottoms.
    I mostly buy ‘OLd Navy’ T-Shirts color coordinated and embroider a design or Initials in different Fonts.

  5. Gena says:

    My favorite sew time is Christmas. I usually make a dozen emboirdered tea towels and other small holiday gifts. I also tend to make special occasion garments for myself and my daughter.

  6. Laura Grossner says:

    don’t wait for a special holiday. But my personal fave is halloween. I crochet afghans for project linus all year and had started making scarves — ?do not know who to give them to yet? missed the boat on special olympics and now have a few waiting to go!

  7. debi t says:

    i love sewing all of the time but especially during the holiday season. I love to make special items for each person so they know how much they mean to me. From the heart.

  8. Mindy says:

    Christmas really is a great time to be creative. There are so many opportunities to use ones creative skills.

  9. lbowden says:

    Christmas! I love to make gifts. I would like to make a memory quilt, but I can’t seem to get started. I want the pictures to be in embroidered frames. I had the ones I wanted and lost them in a computer crash. Now I can’t find them again. They were subject specific but were not just blah rectangles.

  10. nel says:

    Love Christmas-sew all kinds of things and the family gets together to celebrate.

  11. Sandy Stephens says:

    I love to sew for babies and Christmas! I do lot of sewing for Christmas gifts and can’t wait to get started going good! I love to sew for babies b/c everything is so cute on them at the early stages! I hooded bath towels for them and the parents just love them!!

  12. Janet says:

    The birtha a child. I love making baby quilts.

  13. Halloween gets me started with costumes for the grandkids. Then comes Christmas when the gift requests come in – this year it’s aprons and Barbie doll clothes (so far).

  14. Frances Phillips says:

    Halloween has always been a fun time of sewing for me. I’ve made everything from Cousin It from the Adams Family (Yes I sewed wigs together for my then 13 yr old son) to a Princess.

  15. Laura P says:

    Weddings and anniversarys get me motivated to think of memory quilts. For my Parents 50th I printed out pictures from the past 50 years and their party onto fabric and framed them. I also left the fabric for the backing on a table during their party and everyone signed it for me. My friends daughter just got married and I borrowed some of her pictures and digitized her daughter/family to embroider on squares, and I will print some of the wedding pics on fabric and I found some fabric to match the girls dresses….so that is a quilt I need to get busy on….

  16. Jean B. says:

    I’ve been asked to make Halloween costumes for the grandkids on occasion, but I probably spend more time sewing for Christmas gifts. One year I sewed fleece items for everyone on my list! And I tried to personalize them for each person. That was a lot of work, though, so now I only do a couple major Christmas projects.

  17. Pat H. says:

    What better way to welcome a baby into the world than to have a quilt ready? So I guess my favorite holiday would be Birth Day.

  18. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness – which holiday/event to choose….let’s see….Christmas – sewing gifts for the neices, decor, baking (I know, not sewing-related, but I love it); Halloween – my adorable Pumpkin Pals that I love to sew; neices’ birthdays – more sewing for them…..

  19. Susan P says:

    I am a new sewer so I’m excited about my first Christmas to make items for my nieces.

  20. Joanne says:

    I think sewing for baby showers is currently my favourite. I find the young moms really appreciative of things handmade . But I am always trying to keep one step ahead for a surprise gift anytime of the year for somebody–but I have not been successful so far. Any occasion is a good occasion to sew!

  21. Christmas really gets me going. I like to make totes, fleece blankets for the homeless, and whatever else inspires me to make for my family. I love to get ideas from SewNews and Embroidery magazines

  22. Cheryle Nagel says:

    I really love all the holidays! I would sewing out fits for my kids Easter and Christmas. They would all get matching PJs for St. Nicholas Day. They’re grown now, but now my granddaughter is the lucky one. She gets things made for her all throughout the year. She’s one cute little “Fashionista”!

  23. Valerie Nicholson says:

    I enjoy sewing for all occassions, but Halloween is my favorite. Every year, I design and create costumes for my children and sometimes their friends. Sewing is my own therapy…much cheaper and more productive!!!

  24. Conni Brown says:

    I was sewing more for the grandchildren when they were younger. I loved making pajamas for them, nightgowns for the girls. The youngest liked to stay in them all day. I’m now sewing for them all year round and building a collection of things to give them. Christmas and birthdays rolled into one and given on grandma’s gift day, a new special holiday.

  25. Stacy says:

    oh, this is a tough one! I love all holidays, but I think the one that gets me really excited about creating is Christmas! Just something about making something for someone & to see the delight in their eyes especially learning that you made it really makes me feel good! :-) Sounds like a very fun book & I hope to win! Thanks so much!

  26. Pat says:

    I do a lot of sewing at Christmas time. Like to make something for everyone on my list – pillowcases, PJ, fleece pants, purses, and the list goes on. My son in law will ask for what he wants, one year it was feeted pj bottoms.

  27. Joanne Deschenes says:

    This year, I am going to enjoy making things for Christmas… Being the person with the over-ambitious mind. I am going to make personalized Christmas tree skirts for my niece and nephew. I want them to become heirlooms…

  28. Deb Plevo says:

    Christmas I like too make blankets, pj pants for the family and unique items each year. This year may be hot mitts and holders.

  29. Sharlene says:

    Christmas time!!!!! Not just holiday gifts, but I also make costumes for our Christmas pagent at church. The bibical time costumes are easy and fun. The little ones dressed as a shephards are sooo cute

  30. Paula says:

    I love any excuse to give. I sew, especially for my grandchildren, all year round. However, Christmas is my favorite. I try to give each person at least 1 item that I have made and that I know they will enjoy. These might be anything from aprons, camouflage pants, pillows, table runners, etc. I also try to make each grandchild a special outfit for Christmas. They think it is pretty special to wear something I made for them. It makes the holidays so much more special for me as well!

  31. Lesley says:

    Halloween! I’m making two costumes for myself alone, the one I’m really excited about is an asymmetrical fringe flapper dress.

  32. Jeny says:

    Halloween, fun for making costumes, but can be stressful!
    Christmas is the best! I’ve made holiday place mats, table runners, tote bags, outfits, table cloths, baby blanket sets. This year I’d like to do more machine embroidery projects.

  33. Mary Ann Coleman says:

    Christmas is definitely the one to get the juices flowing.

  34. E. Sharon says:

    Fall gets me in the mood for sewing! I have a granddaughter in school, so I just finished 2 dresses, and am working on a ‘dress’ coat for her. Now I can concentrate on getting some Christmas stuff done for others in the family. A perfect time to sew, when the days are getting shorter and cooler.

  35. Peg says:

    All of the holidays, and everyday things. It is ALL GOOD!!!!!!

  36. Peggy says:

    All of them get it going for me! I teach coloege kids how to sew, and I love it. I love when my enthusiasm reaches them – guys and gals!

  37. Jody says:

    I love all holidays…..Halloween is probably the holiday that gets my sewing and creative juices flowing. Fall is in the air….and there is beautiful foliage colors everywhere….even in the warm and wonderful state of Louisiana! Halloween marks the beginning of holiday season for me…parties, more birthdays, football, and house parties, where of course the hostess needs a little gift! Pillows, purses, machine embroidery and appliqué are my favorite things to make.

  38. Susan says:

    I am a new grandmother. She is 17 months old. I made a Halloween costume last year when she was 5 months old, and again this year. I like to make her gifts and am glad I know how to sew and can be personal with my gifts to the best gift I’ve ever had.

  39. Melinda says:

    Fall gets me started since school is going. I teach in a FACS department where sewing is a big part of the curriculum. I’m always looking for projects that might interest the students.

  40. Linda says:

    I love to sew for Christmas. I make decorative items and presents. This year I am making a couple wall hangings and a lap quilt for gifts.

    Also, I like sewing for new babies! Will be doing that this fall with a new grandchild due soon.

    Thanks for asking!

  41. Lynda says:

    I do not have kids :( . So I make dog collar covers for my 3 dogs for each and every holiday! Even when there isn’t a holiday they have covers for birthdays, superbowl, NASCAR , summer, etc. I also quilt ( but not for the dogs!)

  42. Dawn says:

    While I love Halloween (fun costumes!) and summer vacation (floaty dresses!) for the sheer quantity of ideas and completed projects – I’d have to say Christmas/winter holidays! Every year it seems I pick one big project (last year it was a quilt with matching pillow covers for my grandmother) and then many smaller, similar sewing projects (like sachets and terry wash-mitts to go in bath-baskets, or table runners and napkins to accompany dishes/etc) that are part of larger gifts. I also always sew up some new gift bags (usually with fabrics from last year’s post-holiday sales) to avoid creating more garbage bags full of paper gift-wrap. I usually ~try~ to get started in the summer, to spread the work out over several months, though often enough there’s lots of last-minute sewing too!

  43. Jacki says:

    I sew for Christmas. Christmas is a time where we give to others and what better to give than something sewn (or crafted) with love. I enjoy deciding what to make, picking out the fabric for each individual and sewing it. Handmade things are stitched with love! God Bless!

  44. Christine Hood says:

    sewing in prep for my new baby (due in november) has been my favorite so far! i am working feverishly to finish his nursery and of course the looming due date is quite the motivation to stay on top of it and get it done!

  45. Linda says:

    I love all the holidays but mostly Halloween and Christmas. My problem is that they always catch me unprepared-no matter how I try to be prepared- so I become the Queen of Quick sewing! I always end up staying up late working on a project the night before it needs to be finished! One of these years my gift to myself will be to ban last minute projects!

  46. Jan says:

    Weddings do it for me. I have really enjoyed making ring pillows and little purses for the bride to carry. One bride carried my little purse the entire day, it’s in all her pictures. As I won’t be marrying off children or grandchildren, it has been a delight to give these to co-workers that don’t have family to make things for them.

  47. Cathy says:

    Christmas gets me excited and I try to make pillows ,throws, embroider towels and etc. to decorate. Flannel night gowns for our 5 yr old.

  48. Diane says:

    I sew costumes for Halloween. I sew home dec and embroider shirts for all occasions. My favorite time is Christmas when, in addition to all of the other things, thoughts of gifts spring to mind. The only problem is finding enough time to do it all!

  49. Amy Bannister says:

    I love sewing a new outfit for my husband’s company Christmas party! It’s the best feeling to know that you are walking into an event and won’t see anyone wearing the same thing!

  50. Amanda says:

    I love Christmas time! I get to make scarves for the homeless and presents for my family.