And the winner of Free Stuff Friday is…


Congratulations! She won the Project Runway Fashion Design Figure Drawing Set for her great answer on our blog.

projectrunway1 And the winner of Free Stuff Friday is...

We asked: What sewing advice would you give to the next generation of sewists? Any words of wisdom? Lessons you’ve learned the hard (or easy) way?

Treva’s answer:

“Start with the simple and go forward. I see people who want to make the most difficult things the first time then get discouraged because they can’t. The basics are important and from there you can go crazy. Sewing can be a hobby, craft, or your job but make it the thing that gets you the most enjoyment. People who sew are never limited by the ideas of others!”

Stay tuned for more great giveaways. And thanks for reading Sew News!

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3 Responses to And the winner of Free Stuff Friday is…

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  2. La Verne Saxbury says:

    A truer word was never spoken. As my first project I decided to make my husband a shirt. The two fronts were not even,the collar was crooked.and the buttons didn’t quite line up.Well here I am sixty years still sewing,and NOW enjoying it all

  3. Susan Brooks says:

    Congratulations Treva! You are so right. I say you don’t become a rocket scientist when you learn to add. The skills needed to sew are built up, starting with being accurate with everything. If you are doing it, ie cutting, it is important so do it carefully. Love Sew News!

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