Free Stuff Friday: Halloween Edition!

Happy Free Stuff Friday! In honor of the spooky holiday weekend,  we’re giving away a copy of Me Make Monster! A Mish Mash of Monstercraft by Jenny Harada. This super cute book features step-by-step instructions to make 18 adorable little beasties.

So, we want to know: what’s your most MONSTROUS sewing disaster? Terrify us with your most beastly sewing tales: that sleeve sewn in upside-down and backwards, that velvet prom dress ruined by ironing, those pants that ended up 4″ too short–YIKES!

Regale us with your scary sewing story in the comment section below, and one answer will be randomly selected to win!

monster Free Stuff Friday: Halloween Edition!

 Free Stuff Friday: Halloween Edition!
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27 Responses to Free Stuff Friday: Halloween Edition!

  1. Alicia says:

    Thinking of myself as a creative person, I like to make my own patterns. I have been in quite a sewing frenzy lately and have gained confidence as I made my own successful pattern by just looking at a picture of a garment on-line. As I was sketching out ideas for new projects I got the wonderful idea to make a spiral throw pillow. In theory it was marvelous; mod and artsy. I drew out a pattern and began sewing. It took forever to stuff and caused my premature wrist and finger aches to flare up. Finally it was finished but to my surprise it was not mod and artsy. Instead it looked like a giant turd. For those of you inspired to make a spiral pillow, let this be a story with a lesson.

  2. Jeny says:

    Did you have a winner yet?

  3. Jeanne says:

    I was reveling in the joy of marathon sewing with my sister and NO kids…we were doing a bunch of shirts and talking about how disappointing that this fabric hadn’t been long enough to make it a long sleeve shirt [like a t-shirt but with a French trim instead of the ribbing at the neck]. Ah-hah! My sister pounced on a chunk of leftover fabric and announced that we could get another long sleeve out of this piece, so we went ahead and cut 2 long sleeves. When we tried to sew the beast together, we learned that we had cut one of the long sleeves out of the center of front of the shirt. I don’t know what ever happened to this sad shirt, but I know it did not come home with me…hope she color-blocked it into a use-able piece.

  4. Gail Banks says:

    I have been sewing since I was in the 4th grade. I have a Granddaughter in the 3rd grade now so I have been sewing for a very long time. In that time there has been many scary terrible disasters. Running out of fabric on curtains that had a 3/4 yard repeat. Hemming a pair of pant 4 inches like I was told to do and not taking measurments and finding the pants were 2 inches too short. My most recent disaster was a couple months ago. As a favor to a friend I did the top to a wedding dress she was unable to do. It was a strapless top with a seperating zipper in the back. When the girl came over to try on the top after I had done what I had hoped was the last adjustment so came out and the top was just wrong. I looked at it and for the life of me I could not figure out what was wrong. Across the bust was so tight the fabric was pulling. Aroung the waist fit tightly but had fullness on the side of her belly. After careful inspection I had installed the zipper upside down so she had the top on up side down. After we turned the top around we found it was better to zip the top from top to bottom and leave a little split at the botton. Everything was fine but for a few terrible minutes it did not seem that way.

  5. Karyl says:

    I made a matching nightgown and robe for my stay in the hospital following the birth of our first child. Maybe it was the fabric, maybe the pattern, maybe misjudging the size but it was H-U-G-E! White with tiny red hearts, I looked like a Valentine version of the Great Pumpkin!

  6. Sara says:

    Lots of chuckling reading the comments. I tried making a maternity dress with a seersucker fabric that turned out at least twice as large as needed. Wasn’t sure how to figure the appropriate size for my expanding body and obviously didn’t figure correctly. Never wore it, don’t believe I even finished it.

  7. After an hour a carefully drafting a pattern and a few other hours of creating a patchwork circle skirt, while running seams thru the serger, I unknowingly caught the skirt under the feed and cut a huge hole right in the middle panel of the front of the skirt!

  8. Linda says:

    My favorite was the story of the bridesmaid dress thrown away the night before the wedding! This is so typical of me…so inspired to pull together a creation at the last minute. Then, a disaster makes me come back to reality.

  9. Penni says:

    I was asked to help make the ice skating costumes for my daughter’s precision team. I agreed to be one of the mothers that did the sewing. I did my sewing in the evenings after work and after dinner. I was in a hurry because there were a number of non-sewers on our team.
    I was sewing the elastic around the leg openings, I had done a good share of them already. I was holding and stretching the 1/4″ elastic as I sewed it in place, with my finger quite close to the needle.
    Suddenly the needle had planted itself directly through my fingernail and my finger, lifting it up and away as the needle raised back away from the fabric. I was empaled with a needle still attached to my machine.
    I calmly loosened the needle from the machine, went upstairs to find a pliers, walking past my daughter doing her homework at the kitchen table. I found the pliers pulled the needle out, looked up to see the horror on my daughters face. To this day she can’t believe the whole incident, it seemed so ghastly to her.
    I don’t know — the precision team had their outfits in time for the competion, all went well and my finger survived to help me sew a lot more over the years. I do, however, think of that episode when I’m sewing rather close to my fingers.

  10. Debi Tullier says:

    I made my daughter’s wedding gown and all of her six bridesmaid’s outfits. The night before the wedding my living room was a disaster with all of the sewing machines and sergers, scraps and iron boards. I found out that the photographer was coming early in the morning to take photos of my daughter getting ready for the big day to follow. Well in the clean up I threw away a bride’s maid’s dress. I don’t know how it happened but I must have slide into the huge pile of scraps that I threw out hours before the girls came for their final try on…at 9 pm. My husband rushed out to the dumpster only to find it empty. I sat down and sewed a new one for her by 5 am. We had to be at the salon for 6am. I managed to finish yet still had some problems with it and had to use quilting tacks to hold it in the right place. Never again…..

  11. Jeny says:

    True confessions: I’ve made so many mistakes sewing, it’s ridiculous. You’d think I’d have learned, but… The most recent mistake was on the baby blanket I was making with piping edges. Although I’ve sewed the same pattern several times, I got in a hurry and sewed right sides of the fabric together with the piping on the seam, only to discover that the piping was then hidden when the right sides were turned inside out. Duh! Had to rip out the seam and then re-sew the piping onto the edge of one right side, then the right sides together.

  12. Kristen Rogers says:

    I wanted to learn to sew and just like every other craft I ws going to teach myself. I quickly learned that was a bad idea. The first few things I made turned out great, but they were small baby toys. I decided to step it up and make a crib bumper for my son. I ended up with such a monstrosity. The ties never quite made it on, the pieces were al different sizes, and the batting was peeking out. Not to mention I broke the thread countless times and then the needle. I gave up on that project and got smart and started with classes.

  13. Susi Ripple says:

    I guess the time I sewed my finger would have to be the worst!

  14. millie says:

    applique wall hanging….ironed on heat and bond to all the paper pieces .. ironed that on to the fabric … but out all the pieces… went to out it all together only to discover that i had ironed the paper pieces to the front side of all of the fabrc pieces instead of to the backside !!!!

  15. Sharon says:

    Only one? But I have so many I could share with you! Hmmmm, let me think, let me think. The seams that fell apart as I wore the skirt because I didn’t finish them? The cape with the design going up on one back side and down on the other because I didn’t know about one-way design layouts?

    Oh, I know! A few years ago I purchased a beautiful blue gauze envisioning a fabulous summer dress. During the process of sewing, the dress grew, and grew and grew. It ended up about three sizes too large and I swear I looked like a character out of Willy Wonka’s factory when I tried it on. It is long gone, but lives on in my memory as the infamous blue “Ooompa-Loompa” dress.

  16. Elaine says:

    I made a dress for my Mom,it was supposed to be a simple straight shift style. But my Mom had fitting issues,a large bust and scoliosis. One shoulder higher than the other and the opposite hip higher than the other.Trying to make this dress hang properly was a challenge. I started off by putting a thicker shoulder pad in the low shoulder,that helped and had to adjust the side seams too. It took a few tries until my Mom was happy (and I was too). I decided to trim down the large seam allowance on the one side of the dress that was taken in. I used my serger to do this…as I was sewing and trimming) I didn’t notice that a fold of fabric had gone under the foot and discovered I had made a big hole in the dress. After some salty language,I called the small fabric store I bought the lovely fabric from to find out if they still had some. Luckily ,I was a frequent customer and they put aside some for me to pick up. Also I was glad that I had been making the adjustments to the pattern as I went along and was able to make another without the need of the frequent fittings. I saved that ruined dress because I used to give sewing lessons to kids . I wanted them to see that even people who (supposedly) know what they are doing,sometimes mess up and you learn from your mistakes.

  17. Diana Lindsley says:

    My husband wanted a ‘cowboy’ type duster. I found a pattern and he picked out the fabric – a tan denim type fabric. It took some time to put it together – it was a bit more complicated than others. Had a nice shoulder cape, back vent, etc. Except it ended up WAY too small – even though he’s lost weight, it’s still too small. I think I might be able to fit into it!

  18. Ginny LaMere says:

    I was making a Halloween costume for my niece when she was 5 mo. old it was a cute little lady bug costume, she is now 12 and says “I was never a Lady Bug” I told her of course not because the costume went flying out the door and in the trash. I got the body suit done and was in the process of consturcting the shell and after the 5th attempt I asked my mom to open the door and I threw the costume out the door, it didn’t help that everyone thought this was hilarious (everyone but me) I had made and 7 costumes that year and left the easy one (or so I thought) to the end. Needless to say I had to go buy her one. The next year I made her costume first and she was the cutest little princess on the block

  19. athianabags says:

    I was almost in tears the first time I made a chef jacket for my husband…I lost count of how many seams I had to rip out. The hardest part was figuring out the pattern instructions for the facing! There have of course been many other disasterous sewing projects along the road but I have learned from all of them. The thing I’ve learned the most? Patience, LOL! Walk away and take a break :)

  20. Susan Brooks says:

    The costume I’m making now is giving me fits! It has an undersleeve that I took apart because it had two left arms. The white fabric looks the same on both sides, major problem. The directions are poorly written and have a unique way of putting on a welt and flap on the pocket. I didn’t buy to pattern or fabric but have been asked to “help” make. 44 “Simple” steps to make a coat and hat. Anyone want a used pattern to make a Victorian Men’s Coat?

  21. Laura P says:

    I was sewing a preprinted jumpsuit for my Son’s second Christmas…it ended up so big he swam in it…I had to add elastic to the legs and shorten the suspenders…he wore it for 3 Christmas’

  22. PQ says:

    I think the Grandmother’s Flower Garden is one of the most beautiful quilt top patterns – EVER. So about 36, 36 years ago I began sewing the ‘flowers’. It was the hardest thing I had ever sewn. That project has moved from room to room and even to a new house, but still is not finished. Maybe, MAYBE when I retire I can finish it.

  23. Shawnna says:

    My monstrous sewing experience isn’t restricted to just one or two projects…for some reason, after years of sewing, buttonholes still drive me to the brink of sheer madness! Someday I will shrug off the curse, but it’s followed me through two machines…hmm…maybe third time’s a charm…must tell husband I want a new machine for Christmas!

  24. Theresa says:

    I was making pajama pants for my son and misread the directions. I ended up sewing the waist together as the legs and then couldn’t figure out why the wide open area didn’t fit his waist. I didn’t do this just once, I did it two times! ! He was so sweet and said “don’t worry mommy, just take me shopping for some instead!”

  25. MJ says:

    My personal most monstrous disaster was matching shirts for my 1yr old and myself…It was already late night and we had a softball-watching event the next day and I saw my beautiful, bright floral knit sitting in front of me and knew it wanted to be shirts! I only ended up remaking hers twice, but mine was about 10 times (I honestly lost count!!). First of all, it was pretty sheer fabric, so I tried to make it 2 layers, but half way through construction I ran out of fabric. (Why I didn’t cut out all the pieces before I began was a huge mistake obviously!) And I was a few months pregnant at the time, and needed just a little extra room after I tried it on, so I decided to make a few triangle panels to add to each side and one in the middle front. I ended up sewing a few of those in on the wrong side, and the middle front one had to be attached somehow to a neckline I’d already finished and it was just a mess…but I couldn’t sleep until it was done. I finally had something wearable, but I never wore it again – fortunately my daughter’s was fine and now she and her baby doll have matching shirts :)

  26. Juliet Drennan says:

    Where to start? There have been several quietly-disposed of projects from my sewing room. The most disappointing was probably the fricken, or was it a chog?

    I spent a lot of money on a pattern for a frog (like kiss the princess, turn into a prince frog). The pattern was poorly written and confused me badly. Even emailing the author didn’t help me much. When I finally finished the animal, my daughter wandered in and asked me why I had made a green chicken. Sigh. This is one of the few projects of which I never took a picture. I now regret this decision, though my daughter gleefully reminds me at any chance of just how bad it turned out.

  27. Diane says:

    I thought I ‘d take just a little short cut and leave the lace peplum on the dress I was making for my daughter’s wedding unlined. Disaster! Every time I moved my arms the waist rode up a little and my middle stuck out!