Free Stuff Friday winner!

We had a wonderful response with some great answers!

The winner is… Ahliah!

Ahliah won a Flexible LED Light from Prym Consumer USA! (MSRP: $19.95)

In Friday’s blog, we asked: What’s your favorite quick-and-easy sewing tip?

Ahliah said:

I always condition zippers before wearing\washing the clothing item. (Both hand made clothing as well as ready to wear.) A beeswax stick run up and down the closed zipper, then a steam iron held over it to melt the wax, finishing with opening and closing the zipper several times. Conditioning the zipper will help keep it from binding and make it last longer.

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 Free Stuff Friday winner!
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2 Responses to Free Stuff Friday winner!

  1. Ahliah says:

    Thank you so much for enjoying my tip. I got it years ago from my sewing teacher in school. And if you live in the frozen north like we do the zippers on coats and snowsuits really need this because of the snow and wet weather. Thanks again!

  2. April says:

    Yay Ahliah!! Great tip!!