Bonus Christmas Projects from Sew News & Paper Crafts

letters Bonus Christmas Projects from Sew News & Paper Crafts

Get a head start on your Christmas decorating with these super cute, coordinating, online-only projects. Sew News‘ editor-in-chief, Ellen March, teamed up with Jennifer Schaerer, editor-in-chief of our sister publication, Paper Crafts, to bring your these quick and easy ideas that are tons of fun to customize.

Although I usually work with fabric, I can’t wait to make the adorable paper ornaments. I think they’d look great hanging at different lengths from an entryway or in my front window. Or maybe both!  If you’re planning to avoid the shopping craziness at the malls next weekend, making these projects would be a much more relaxing way to get ready for the season. For more festive paper-crafting ideas, including lovely cards, ornaments, gift bags and more, check out Paper Crafts‘ online bonus projects.

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One Response to Bonus Christmas Projects from Sew News & Paper Crafts

  1. Kathy says:

    I like these felt/ribbon/paper ornaments. I used to make special ornaments for my family every year. Maybe I will start again.

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