Tis the season of giving!

We recently asked readers “What charities do you sew for?” We received a TON of responses. And we’re publishing some of the answers in an upcoming issue–stay tuned!

Obviously, sewing for a cause is something near and dear to your hearts (and ours). It really gives us an excuse to sew (as if we need one) and knowing that someone in need will benefit from our handiwork just makes it so much better.

new logo 300x101 Tis the season of giving!

As the holidays approach, you may be busy sewing your own gifts, garments and home decor. And for those of you who may not have time to sew for a charity, I thought you might enjoy hearing about The Giving Effect. The organization offers more ways to give, using social media to help donors discover and connect with organizations that need items, such as clothing, shoes and food. The goal is to create a national movement to get food, gently used items and more to people in need. With its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, the Giving Effect Web site lets you browse charities by state to find one in need of your items–things you no longer want or need, food staples, even sewing projects!  Then complete a form and arrange a pickup, drop off or shipment of your item. A tax receipt will be delivered to your e-mail once the item is received.

More than 1,000 charities are listed on the site, including the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Napa, CA, the Baltimore Theater Project in MD and Pibbles & More Animal Rescue in Queens, NY. Charities are looking for stuffed animals, cars, fencing, lumber, cleaning supplies, books, shoes and much more.

XL n photo Tis the season of giving!

And if you’re more interested in sharing your sewing talents (instead of your gently used items), we’ll be presenting a brand new sewing charity effort in the February issue of Sew News. Be on the lookout when it hits newsstands on January 19!

 Tis the season of giving!
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