Enter & Win! 12 Days of Giveways: Day 3

Congratulations to Donna, the winner of yesterday’s giveaway! We asked what types of techniques and projects you’d most like to see in Sew News. Here’s Donna’s response: “I would love to see more purse/bag patterns along with projects to make from recycled fabrics! Of course, articles on pattern and fabric designers and how they started and grew their business would be awesome too!” Great suggestions, Donna, and thanks to everyone who participated! It’s fantastic to hear directly from you what you want to learn!

christmas Enter & Win! 12 Days of Giveways: Day 3

Now, onto today’s contest! For Day 3, we’re focusing on the younger sewing set by giving away the super cute book, Christmas Crafting with Kids: 35 Projects for the Festive Season by Catherine Worman. The Question of the Day is: How have you inspired a kid (or kids) to start sewing? Enter your answer in the comments section below, and stay tuned for Monday’s blog, when we’ll announce the winner and the question for Day 4. Good luck!

 Enter & Win! 12 Days of Giveways: Day 3
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43 Responses to Enter & Win! 12 Days of Giveways: Day 3

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  2. judy surovik says:

    I startedsewing in 3rd grade making Christmas aprons for realtives. I love making crafts and myclothes. Learning how to quilt. Love your web site.

  3. Donna says:

    I never had much luck getting my daughter interested in sewing when she was growing up but , my grandaughter (her daughter ) began sewing by sitting on the floor and pushing my foot pedal when she was just a toddler It wasn’t long until she would sit on my knee and HELP! guide the fabric. Nana bought her her first sewing machine when she was 5. Finally Mommy is becoming interested in sewing . Even though we live 900 Km. apart, by using a web cam I’m able to guide and share my love of sewing with my favourite two girls.

  4. Ann says:

    Sewing for her by example opens my daughter’s mind to the possiblities of what can be done with the machine. Have covered furniture, made clothes and altered old dresses into new creations.

  5. Maria Kievit says:

    When my children see me sewing, they always wonder if they can come in to my sewing room to sew also. I have a huge stack of material as I not only make clothes, but also quilt, and they’ve made a good number of pillows for Christmas presents for their friends over the last couple of years. I also give sewing lessons to young and old, and presently there’s an 81 year old learning how to sew something fitting to her body type. I also have a mentally challenged person that I’ve taught the basics to, and she’s a hoot to have around. Keeps questioning me on all the things I have in my sewing room, and keeps laughing at my magnetic pin cushion, among other things.

  6. jennylou says:

    my daughter is 3 and she is always right up front and center when i sew. we or she would read directions to me, then i would sit her on my lap and she helps guide the fabric as we “feed it to the machine.” By three months after her second birthday, she knew what pins were and very respectful of them. we had to do a quick drop by my college’s summer sewing class and while there, she picked several from the carpet and hands them to me to put away. she is the only toddler or kid i would trust in my sewing space.

  7. my 5 year olds have seen me by the sewing machine so many times now, they wanted to try – so with a little help they made a cover and a pillow for their teddy bears.

  8. Patricia says:

    When my son were little and wanted to see what I was doing at the sewing machine, I would scoot forward and stand him up on the back part of my chair, so that he could watch over my shoulder while I stitched.

  9. Marrietta says:

    My “kid” was a young married woman who had tried to sew for years with little success when being taught by her grandmother. This was only two years ago, and she has just amazed me at what she has learned in such a short time. She travels and always manages to take a class wherever she goes. I am now taking advantage of all the new techniques she learns along the way. And I am so proud.

  10. Debi says:

    My only daughter never had any interest…but my only granddaughter loves to sew. I bought her a small machine about 5 years ago and she has outgrown that one. She comes to stay with me during the summer and she and I sew together…whatever she wants to make!! She listens and follows directions well. The past two summers, she has taken some children’s sewing classes at a local shop near here. She has done some sewing recently at home, many miles from me. I am taking her a spare machine that I have when we go for the holidays. And she asked for sewing notions for Christmas. I am overjoyed!!

  11. Pamela Richardson says:

    I work in an elementary school and have found with kids no matter how things finish or are left unfinished when it comes to a craft it is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. And I make sure thy know it!

  12. Rose Henry says:

    A teacher taught me to sew in school. Then I went on to college and took 12 hours of sewing. I have been sharing my love of sewing at school and also I have shared it with all of my friend’s children and my nieces.

  13. Liza A. says:

    I sew on daily basis. My daughter, 8, probably see this everyday and ask me whether she can sew something for herself. She is now practicing her hand sewing technique with felts before I buy her her own sewing machine.

  14. Connie says:

    My kid was 28 when she started sewing….I bought her funky fabric, threads and a pattern for a fashionable bag….she loved it, sewed it and it was fabulous!! We almost compete with one another now for the best sewing ideas!!

  15. My 22 month old won’t stop touching my sewing machine when he heads into my craft room, and my newborn (8 weeks old) lies on the bed in there sometimes when I try to steal a few moments of sewing. Does this count?

  16. Jean Lowenberger says:

    Well, I am working on four of them at the moment….by daughter who is 19 and at college in the U.S., so we check out pattern websites and compare notes. Mom still does most of the creating, then I have three granddaughters ages 12, 7 and 5, the 7 and five year old, help grandma, changing thread on the embroidery machine, and enjoy picking their own flower colors when “we” embroider special towels for Mom.

  17. Maria C. says:

    I costume for children’s theatre and have turned on several kids to costuming and sewing!

  18. Anna says:

    I have 3 girls ages 19,21,and26 all of them is making quilts for there boyfriends. Is that cool or what?

  19. Anne Cahalane says:

    <====== ps – that should read "My mother and I" ooooops! lol

  20. Anne Cahalane says:

    My mother and me taught an entire Girl Scout troop (approx 10 yrs old) how to sew once…They made great tote bags….everyone’s turned out terrific, they all used machines and it was a great experience!

  21. Jenny says:

    Not really sure what did it – but my son always watches me when I sew and he loves my Halloween costumes I make for him. He really wants a BLUE sewing machine just like the pink ones he sees at the stores. So sad I can’t find one for him. He is always asking to do a project with me ♥

  22. Gail Banks says:

    I sew outfits and costumes for my granddaughters and make travel pillows with their name one it. They have small soft blanets and bags to put their stuff in. They love all the things I make for them so now they want to do things for thenselves. My granddaughter made a dress for herself and her Barbie on her last visit. Sure it was just a straight piece of fabric but she was so proud and so motivated. She even too it home.

  23. For a while I thought I hadn’t with my oldest daughter but she has told me that even though she tried everything her way she learned how to do things so that they looked good from me. The guys sew some. Scott has made some hats for Children’ hospital chemo kids..All of my four are creative people.

  24. Lisa says:

    My awesome local craft store offered kids’ sewing classes one summer and that’s all it took! My daughter made a head scarf, a pincushion and a top and immediately wanted her own sewing machine. We got her a machine for Christmas last year and she just spent a whole evening making drawstring bags for her friends for Christmas. We can’t wait for the holidays where we will have time to sew up some flannel pajama pants together! Her love for sewing has inspired my passion for sewing too. It’s really great that we can grow our skills and love of creating together.

  25. Alicia says:

    My son made little bags and put little games in them for all his aunts and uncles and granparents a few years ago. He wants to sew more as he sees that he can make useful items that people enjoy receiving. My daughter enjoys making matching skirts for her friends and sister! She loves sewing!

  26. Heidi says:

    All four of my kids have been sewing since they were about 6 yrs old! The older ones started making their own barbie clothes, and the younger ones have made quilts, pillows and their own clothes. Now my grandson stands at my elbow and watches… he’ll be next !

  27. Diana J says:

    Every year, I teach sewing through 4-H and pass my love of sewing along. I get them sewing on the machine as quickly as possible and each project builds on the previous one. The point is to make sure they love what they make so they want to keep sewing.

  28. Linda says:

    when my grand daughter was 2 I made a flannel board and gave her small pieces of fabric to play with on the board. Now 4, she just completed her first pillow, sewn by hand. She also likes to put small fabric scraps on paper dolls for their clothes. Her younger sister is following in her footsteps. They both like to play on the floor in my sewing room as I sew.

  29. Sharon says:

    I helped my grandaughter make a skirt for her first project, and she got to wear it to school. She was 6 at the time and is 1 now and sewing beautifuly.

  30. Dottie Jones says:

    My 4 year old granddaughter thinks I love ruffles! I make beautiful ruffled skirts. She now shows me the “Thread” on the seams and hems inside of all her clothes. I look forward to getting her first sewing machine! She sits and watches the needle go up & down when I sew!

  31. Susi Ripple says:

    I took a quilting class for an 8 patch quilt top with my daughter when she was 15. I did the cutting and ironing for a twin size quilt while she did all the sewing. When she had the quilt top all made I did the quilting. She has a beautiful keepsake to remember her first quilting project and all the memories of us making it together.

  32. Sara says:

    My son and daughter each have their own sewing machine, requested by each of them for Christmas last year so I guess I inspired them to some extent. My daughter enjoys modifying clothing and my son uses his machine not just for mending but other projects as well. My daughter graduates from college this spring and I am looking forward to converting her bedroom into a sewing room.

  33. Theresa says:

    My children want to sew because the see how much fun it is for mommy to sew. My eight year old son already knows the basic parts of a machine and how to sew a straight line. My three year old daughter can’t wait for mommy to sit her in the sewing chair and start lessons!!

  34. Jeny says:

    I can’t even say that I have inspired a kid to sew. Why not, I was sewing with my gran when I was 10 or less. Swedish weaving, embroidery, tatting, sewing. And I have a collection of toy sewing machines. This is a wake up call for me!

  35. Barbara says:

    My mother inspired me to sew (even if it was after her death), and my four year old son loves to sit in my lap and help me!!

  36. Robyn says:

    My daughters love to watch me sew and my oldest (who is 9) has started doing some on her own. I like to make dolls, so she has started to make her own stuffies. I showed her how to make her own patterns and how to cut out the material. She also likes to make clothes for the dolls that I have made her using scraps from my stash. I can’t wait for my son to get older so I can teach him how to sew!

  37. Tammy L. says:

    My hubby and I are recent empty-nesters. One of the extra bedrooms was converted to my sewing room. I painted the walls Pink and Green, alternating. It is the happiest, brightest & most fun room ever! When my nieces and nephews come over, it’s the first place we go. Machines are always ready to go, craft table is always set up. We always start with something easy, like a pouch or a pillow case (like most seamstresses, I have way too much extra fabric around, screaming to be used!). I always make handmade gifts /costumes for the kids so when they come over, it’s a natural thing to do and they love it !

  38. Diane says:

    I had such a good time this past summer with my 8-year old granddaughter and her 1st sewing experience. We started at the fabric store where she picked the fabric she loved. She made a pillow and she did a great job! She sewed straight seams and finished with hand sewing. She also learned to sew on buttons. We’re looking forward to our next sewing time ( it can’t come often since she doesn’t live close).

  39. Teresa Golden says:

    My grand daughter went to church with me to meet the quilting ladies and see a quilt on a frame for hand quilting. She was inspired to make something. I taught her to make a quilted wall hanging “Tribute to the Troops” for her Daddy who had just returned from Bosnia. I taught my 2nd cousin to make a quilt for a baby after she wanted to use my new sewing machine in my sewing room.

  40. Kathy says:

    My mom and I ,, rest in piece mom I miss you alot. We started my daughter out sewing when she was only four years old she is now 20 and has a baby of her own and she is wanting her own sewing machine to start making clothes for my adorable granddaughter. So mommy to the rescue as soon as I get me a new machine my daughter will be getting mine.

  41. Cheryl Enyart says:

    I work with kids in the theatre.. Molly was one of my theatre kids. Recently she asked if I would teach her to sew.. I said sure, she helped me finish up with a show doing a few things. Two weeks ago, with my help , and very little of it.. she designed her own costume, and I guided her through it… a peasant blouse, a gathered skirt and an apron.. all for her Model U N project…
    She has a future in design.. she has a attitude and a very creative spirit.
    If I can work with her on technique… I can see another Julie Tamar on the horizon.. It is a privilege to work with Molly.

  42. Sue Huffman says:

    My daughters took a sewing class where the price included the sewing machine, so now they both have their own machine. I also let them sew whatever they want and make what they want me to make. This is what my mother did with me and I still love to sew :)

  43. rebekah says:

    when you show them what can be created–they are in awe and start to come up with their own ideas!