Day 12 Giveaway–One more chance to win!

Yesterday,  we asked how you like to identify yourself, i.e., as a sewist, designer, quilter, or another term altogether. Our lucky winner is Cindy f., who replied “I describe myself as a fabric artist. I do a lot of heirloom sewing, as well as garment sewing, quilting, and crafting. My most favorite part of sewing is the embellishing part. I try to add some type of embellishment to every project.” Great answer, Cindy, and enjoy The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking!

sharing stitches 1 150x150 Day 12 Giveaway  One more chance to win!

For the 12th and final day of the 12 Days of Giveaways, we have Sharing Stitches: Exchanging Fabric and Inspiration to Sew One-of-a-Kind Projects by Chrissie Grace (F&W Publications). I love the concept of this book and it has some really unique and inspiring projects. To enter to win, answer this question: What is your sewing resolution for 2011? Submit your comment by Monday, when we’ll announce the winner!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 Days of Giveaways as much as we’ve enjoyed reading your excellent answers! We wish you a warm and wonderful Christmas!

 Day 12 Giveaway  One more chance to win!
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53 Responses to Day 12 Giveaway–One more chance to win!

  1. Christie Sullivan says:

    My new years resolution is to start my own embroidery business and sew and embroidery clothing for my grandchildren. They love to tell everythone “My MeeMaw made this for me”. I am also going to clean out my stash and organize what I have so that when I get started I’m not walking around in circles looking for the stuff I want to work on.

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  3. Marlo says:

    As a rule I think resolutions without a plan are a little doomed. I plan to purchase an embroidery machine and take a lesson on it! I plan to be more aware of my time management. I tend to be a dreamer! I have recently taken to making lists for the day and Iam surprised at how effective they can be for my somewhat lack of focus. I plan to continue to expand my skills and enjoy the calming hum of my trusty machine!

  4. Beth says:

    My sewing resolution for 2011 is to create an old-fashioned ‘hope chest’ of linnens to present to my step-daughter next Christmas. I married her dad this year and we became friends when she visited over the holidays. I didn’t know her when she got married but I want to give her a ‘wedding gift’ to celebrate her 10th anniversary. This generation hardly thinks of ‘hope chests’ or ‘trosseaus’ and I hope to inspire her creativity and give her a more feminine gift as she only has sons.

  5. jennifer m says:

    My 2011 sewing resolution is, have fun with sewing. I bought my machine in 2010. I will be 50 this year. I haven’t sewn since my 20′s. I can’t explain the excitement I felt when I purchased my machine and the the excitement I feel when I complete something. Sewing is an art and I love it!

  6. Sharon P. says:

    I am going to clean out my sewing room! I can no longer find whatever I am looking for! I am going to buy shelves and sort and give away what I won’t ever use! Then I will get sewing on my list of things to make!

  7. Brenda Green says:

    I hope to find more time to sew and branch out more with my sewing and embroidery. Maybe go beyond burp cloths and try some new projects.

  8. Victoria Butler says:

    I’m going to go through my stash and start making quilts/blankets for Linus Project (blankets for children in traumatic situations) and clear out all those remnants!

  9. Sharon Thomas says:

    In 2011, I plan on spending 2 hours every week day in my sewing room sewing or embroidering something. I already have three projects to start.

  10. Alissa B. says:

    My 2011 resolution is to learn more about sewing and to try new things. My mother-in-law has been trying to get me into sewing for the past 11 years. I wanted nothing to do with it. Well, my grandma passed away 2 years ago and left me her sewing machine(I only received it a few months ago). Owning her machine must have sparked something inside of me. I am very interested in sewing now. I’ve only sewn 2 pillowcases and 1 dance bag for my daughter, but I want to do lots more. I am just a beginner and have lots to learn. I hardly know where to begin or what certain tools are for, but I love it! When I sew, I feel closer to my grandma. I wish she knew that I was actually using her machine. She had to replace her old one after Hurricane Katrina-& I’m glad she did. Thanks, MIMI!!

  11. Alissa B. says:

    My 2011 resolution is to learn more about sewing and to try new things. My grandma passed away 2 yrs. ago and left me her sewing machine which I have only received just recently. My mother-in-law has been trying to get me interested in sewing for the past 11 years. I wanted nothing to do with it-until my grandma left me her machine. I’ve only sewn 3 pillow cases and 1 dance bag for my daughter. Although I’m just a beginner, I think I might be on to something. I feel closer to my grandma when I sew & wish she knew that I was using her machine. She had to replace her old one after Hurricane Katrina-I’m glad she did! Thanks, MIMI!!

  12. Chris says:

    My resolution is the same as last year. It’s a work in progress. I am trying to finish all my quilt tops that are “lounging” in the sewing room! I have finished about 15 so far but still have many to go! I am also trying not to buy fabric and use up my extremely generous stash!

  13. Darla says:

    My sewing resolution for 2011 is to further the sewing education of my grandaughters and to give them free access to the room they love best in my home: my very active, messy (but organized) sewing room.

  14. Melissa says:

    My sewing resolution for 2011 is to be brave and try something new; to stop saying “that’s too hard. I can’t do that”; to take a deep breath, thread my needle and stare that project in the eye and say “I can and will sew this”!

  15. Kaye Mattson says:

    My resolution for 2011 is to machine quilt the 2 tops that I made this fall and become more proficient at free-motion machine quilting. I can do it but I’m not real comfortable with it. Also , I’m continuing a resolution from last year–to keep trying to use up fabrics in my stash.

  16. Kate Ryder says:

    My resolution is to organize my space and learn to not be such a perfectionist. A project takes me twice as long as anyone else because I see every minor detail.

  17. Ellen says:

    I wish to make 10 items of 10 different things, so a 100 items, before I enter into a craft show. I want to use up fabrics and notions I already have, some of the things I have are older than me! This way I hope to use my creative mind, my skills, try out new skills and techniques, and make connections with people. I tried to have my own tailoring business in 2010, but there was no sincere interest from my customers, leaving me disappointed and unmotivated. I hope to get my muse back this way!

  18. robin says:

    I just want to dive into quilting!

  19. Cindy Farmer says:

    I am going to try really hard to get all my UFO’s finished!

  20. Gail D. says:

    I am absolutely going to set up my studio in the first 2 weeks of 2011 and then sew up a storm!

  21. Nancy Fin says:

    I hope to use my God-given gift of sewing to make more items for community service. So many little things can make a shut-in glow. This gives me the greatest joy as I love to sew and give away as much as possible. This will reduce my stash so I can buy more fabrics for the garment sewing I plan on doing more of in 2011. These are my goals.

  22. Missy says:

    My resolution is to break out of the square quilt blocks and into triangles or (gasp) maybe even circles.

  23. Susi Ripple says:

    My resolution is to try to just sew more. With a full time job sometimes at night when I come home I just don’t feel like sewing. My goal is to at least push myself to sew or embroider something once a week.

  24. TheresaL says:

    My sewing resolution is to finish all my UFO’s and to start my Christmas sewing before December 10.

  25. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I found a quilting contest coming up next year. I have already conceptualized a pattern to make the quilt top already. I have already purchased the fabric. My goal is to complete the quilttop by the end of February. It’s using jelly rolls, which I haven’t used before, so I’ll be using something new. If what my mind has conceptualized actually comes out from the jelly rolls, I think I’ll be a shoe in for a prize!! (Fingers crossed.)

  26. Beth says:

    My sewing resolution is to spend at least one hour a week in my sewing room sewing something. I sewed 15 ties, and 8 little wallets for Christmas presents this year and had so much fun in my sewing room. I wondered, “Why am I not down here more often?” My other resolution is to make a duct tape dress form for myself. We already made one for my daughter, so I know how and already have the supplies on hand. Then I’ll be ready to make things that will fit me well!

  27. Jeny says:

    Sewing resolution for 2011: it’s a big one! Finish the manuals that came with my new sewing and embroidery machine and software package. If I can get that done, I will be so stoked! All the tutorials, all the modules tested.. it’s a tall order!

  28. Jannav says:

    My 2011 ReSewlution

    The creativity bug
    will keep me snug
    in each and every way

    In twenty-eleven
    I’ll be in heaven
    if I can sew everyday

  29. Diana Janssen says:

    While I love to sew for others, sometimes I do it at the expense of myself. I’ve been sick a lot over the past few years and this has greatly reduced my sewing time. When I do get some, it seems to get used to make things for other people and I end up going without the clothes I need. And I can’t bring myself to buy clothes when I have everything I need at home just waiting to be made – fabric I love, patterns that fit. My resolution is to put myself first a little more and start to tackle the very long list of clothes I need to make for myself. I just need to let it be okay to sew for me first every now and then for my own mental health.

  30. Anna Nusbaum says:

    I have a whole list of sewing resolutions for 2011 — all circulating around “get back into it!”. Get the serger tuned up again. Design a pattern to make an attractive birdcage cover for Fred, the cockatiel (it’s a big cage). Sew some clothing as I shrink (different 2011 resolution). Make some blankets for the Luns Project. Apply some sewing techniques to my card-making. But probably my biggest resolution will start next week with a friend — share the love of creating and sewing with others.

  31. Stephanie Hauser says:

    My resolution for 2011 is to sew more. I want to make more clothes and finish a quilt that I embroidered squares of fabric with angels.

  32. Linda says:

    I am going to finish ALL of the projects that I have started. 2 wool bags, 2 quilts, a table topper, camoflauge top and pants for son-in-law, and etc. I still like everything, and would love to be able to use it all. Sew more for my granddaughters. I have a great friend and neighbor who is a retired home ec teacher, and we feed off of each other. It is great!!

  33. Maria Kievit says:

    Trying to finish all my ufo’s and clean out my sewing room. When we added on to the house 5 yrs ago, anything that needed a storage place ended up in my new sewing room, and it’s become quit a hazard to walk in there. I would also love to build more cupboard space in my room to make places for all the craft items I have.

  34. Joan Oegema says:

    This year I made a lot of items for me and also sold a bunch too. One special project I did last year was to make some washable pantie liners for a woman’s transition house in Africa. I would like to connect with an agency again this year to sew for women and children who are less fortunate than me. I would also like to find the perfect skirt pattern so I can make more skirts for my daughter who is serving in the Peace Corps overseas.

  35. Caro says:

    Resolution #1: take my sewing machine and serger in for some maintenance
    Resolution #2: sew one item of clothing (without buying new fabric!) each month
    Resolution #3: sew gift bags for Christmas (may have to start in June!)
    I promise to try my hardest to meet these resolutions!

  36. Connie says:

    I’m with the others….I need to use up my stash of cottons for quilting…then, and this is a big goal for me, I want to learn how to sew confidently with knits and athletic wear. I’d love to save bucks by making clothes for my outdoor loving family!!

  37. Inita Bermudez says:

    I have alot of nice fabric, I plan of using alot of them in the year of 2011. I have 8 grandkids. I can sew alot of things and cloths for them. They are vary young so it would be fun. I also can make aprons,purses. I like to wear skirts so I’ll make me some.

  38. Sandy says:

    I want to sew for my grandchildren. #8 is on the way!!

  39. Karen A says:

    I want to finish a quilt for my daughter that I started over a year ago. I just have to stop making new projects and tackle my UFO pile.

  40. Heidi says:

    Definitely to finish some UFO’s and a special project that is LONG overdue !!

  41. Peggy D says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to return to my beloved fabric arts hobby. I was caregiver for my husband for several years prior to his death one year ago and have done nothing with my sewing since he passed. 2011 will be my return to my passion; I have spent this year getting all my tools and fabrics organized, I have signed up for several classes in January and have stacked my UFO’s components so that I can get to them and complete them next year.

  42. My sewing resolution is to keep on improving my skill. I get better with each project, and if not better…i learn from my mistakes!. I started teaching myself to sew a year ago, as a hobby to get through the deployments. My Husband has safely returned (for now) and i continue to sew. He supports me 110% and that is a huge part of my motivation to continue to do what i do! :)

  43. Susan P says:

    I am a beginner sewer so I want to learn something other than the basics by taking sewing lessons!

  44. Janice says:

    My sewing resolution is to try to make a quilt that I saw in an edition of sew news. I have only made one simple quilt, and its time I tried to expand my knowledge, and take the plunge!

  45. Carrie Hill says:

    My sewing resolution is to finish the picnic quilt I started during my last school break. I am on another break and want to finish. The patches are made from our old jeans and my children’s blue, green, and pink baby clothes.

  46. Joanne Navarro says:

    My sewing resolution for 2011 is to finish a brown leather shoulder bag I started this past year that I call my “prototype purse”. It closes with velcro along the center top 6″. It has a brightly colored cotton print lining (so I can see what is in it) with 1 zipper as well as 2 solid bright aqua colored small and 1 large pocket (between the 2 small ones) with elastic through the top of the large center pocket on the front and the back of the purse lining to hold all my things so I can find them easily. I sewed a sort of “D” loop with heavy thread to hold my key chains and store cards loop. The shoulder strap of the purse is lined with the same print as the lining right now. I plan on re-covering the inside of the strap with the same leather that the strap is made out of and making it extend down into the purse about 3″ so I can sew a real metal “D” ring to each end of the leather piece for my keys to hang. I sewed a flap of leather about 4″ wide in the center back seam of the top of the purse to lay down the front end ing just above the two pockets in the bottom front of the purse. I could not find a large buckle to use on that flap as I had first intended to do. I cut the flap up the center part way, and tied a sailors knot with 2 tail ends (it reminds me of a whale’s tail) I decided to go with that instead. I am very proud of my shoulder bag and I plan to compete it in the beginning of 2011. I can send pictures to you if you would like to see how it looks right now before I complete it and after it is finished.

  47. Diana L says:

    My sewing resolution is to use up some of my stash of fabrics. I have a bunch and really need to use more of it up. Not that I won’t be buying more, but I need to ‘shop’ my stash first.

  48. Jen P. says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to finish all my UFO’s and organize my sewing area aka declutter.

  49. Ann says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to reduce the surplus amount of fabric by creating some awesome items. To better organize my sewing area so that I can work and have fun while I do all this.

  50. Jopsy says:

    Next year I will attempt to finish one project before starting another!