Free Stuff Friday: Win The Fashion Sketchpad!

Fashion illustration is not just for high-end haute couture designers. Learning how to sketch clothing allows you to brainstorm and get your ideas on paper before starting a new project. You don’t have to be an artist to sketch–there’s a great two-part sketching tutorial in the Feb/March and upcoming April/May issues of Sew News that really simplifies the process.

Checking out the latest pattern recommendations for your body type is a great way to get started. And to further help you on your sketching quest, today we’re giving away the awesome Fashion Sketchpad from Chronicle Books. It features 420 figure templates in 20 different poses, so you can sketch to your heart’s content!

sketchpad Free Stuff Friday: Win The Fashion Sketchpad!

For your chance to win, simply answer the question: Where do you find sewing inspiration? Enter your answer in the Comments section below by Monday afternoon when we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday: Win The Fashion Sketchpad!
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94 Responses to Free Stuff Friday: Win The Fashion Sketchpad!

  1. Jeny says:

    I look at magazines, pattern books and web sites (Burda and Vogue are a few of my favorites) for inspiration, and browse clothing stores.

  2. Belle says:

    Nature, definitely. I find lots of inspiration from nature and history. I love looking at designs of the past.
    Thank you!

  3. Linda says:

    My good friend and neighbor, was a home-ec teacher, and she is sooo creative. We both love working with wool. I find ideas, from different web-sites, sewing shows on tv, classes, and anything else I can get my hands on! I love to sew clothing the best, so this Fashion Sketchpad would be wonderful. I have to do altering with my body type.

  4. Dawn says:

    I find inspiration all over the place – for fashion and clothing I look a lot to historical costume, film, and theatre, and I’m always inspired when I go to the fabric store and wander through the tables of beautiful fabrics.
    For accessories and other smaller projects, I find I’m inspired a lot by ready-to-wear, and things I find in retail stores – I just want them better made, or made in colours/proportions that suit me better!
    For craft projects, I love the sewing trade show that comes through our city annually – perhaps too much as I can’t seem to leave without bags of shopping! I also look to magazines and online blogs a lot for inspiration and tutorials as well.

  5. E. Cohen says:

    I find my inspiration in photos I take of nature: close-ups of flowers, tree bark, etc. My heart’s desire is to create textiles using these photos as a basis for my work. In the meantime, I use the colors and patterns in the photos as a guide to selecting fabrics and styles.

  6. Shelley says:

    I find inspiration everywhere, mostly from my everyday life and in the things I love. I’m working on a small golf collection right now in loud bold colors. Stylesight is a great source for me as well as fabrics and patterns themselves. I also draw from music, lyrics and quotes. When I hear any of these things and close my eyes, I envision exactly what I want to make.

  7. Shiela Park says:

    Inspiration is everywhere. Anywhere women gather there may be a new twist to a jacket , a dress or skirt or pants. There may be a color combination that’s new or striking. I jot down the details I need to remember so I can put it in my couture file. Alas, I have a file filled with many ideas and not enough time to make use of them.

  8. Marlene Walters says:

    I’m inspired by what is around me. I looking at something and seeing what else could be made out of it. Nothing gets unused in my sewing room. Always reuse and redesign if possible.

  9. Karyl says:

    TV, websites, fabric stores, clothing stores, classic and period clothing. Inspiration is everywhere!

  10. lloydine greschaw says:

    Ilike to look at others and magazines. alsofashion shows and come up with my own.

  11. Maria C. says:

    Everywhere! Magazine photos, nature, the mall!

  12. Eugenia Horton says:

    I have inspiration come at me from all directions. It is in my head so fast I don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all. I will walk into a fabric store and touch fabric & I can think of a zillion things to make. I often say that the fabrics call my name & tell me what to make ha ha.

  13. Lynne Vann says:

    I, too, am inspired by the fabric!! Sometimes it just screams at me to make a particular item whether clothing, home dec, toy, or motorcycle accessory!! Being able to be creative with embroidery, trims, buttons, stitch patterns all adds to the fun!! I had my own shop for 3 year! The most difficult but the most fun for me was selecting the fabric for the shop!! Buying 15 yd bolts of a fabric I envisioned for precious little girl dresses was great fun! Teaching sewing to share my vision was truly fulfilling!! Now working as an RN full time doesn’t allow as much time to sew. But I grab every minute I can to complete the visions I have!!

  14. Jean says:

    I find inspiration in stores. When I shop Isee a unique way for making an item or an embellishment and that starts my mind running.

  15. Colleen Elston says:

    When designing my costumes it usually comes from the music and the personality of the wearer. When I design for myself it is how I want to feel and what I want to say when I have the piece on.

  16. Victoria Butler says:

    Sew News and other magazines, websites that sell clothes and accessories, requests from grandchildren & children, tv, browsing the fabric store, and just plain imagination. Sometimes I see a fabric I fall in love with and that triggers an idea for it’s use.

  17. Andrea says:

    Can get inspiration from just about anywhere. I love to go to the fabric shop and just browse. Sometimes a fabric will jump out at me and I get an idea for it just like that!

  18. desiree says:

    The Museum at FIT, and looking at vintage photos on

  19. Patsi says:

    I find inspiration in the fabrics in my stash closet or that are on my work table. I buy fabric because I like it, then wait till it inspires me .. Hmmm That would look greyt as ….. I love wandering fabric stores and web sites for more inspiration in what others have done.

  20. Aleeah says:

    Honestly, I scan sewing/craft/knitting blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader and then the most fun way is to go to, look at the Recently Posted Items and Click See More and I let the photos scroll across the page! Its almost better than a sewing TV show.

  21. Catlyn says:

    Just going to a fabric shop and browsing the great colors and textures of the fabrics really inspire me. Any historical movie/documentary does that as well. I love learning about past fashions and bring them into modern pieces.

  22. Karen A says:

    Nature, magazines, the work of others, so many places.

  23. Linda Olson says:

    My inspiration comes from what my daughter wants me to make.

  24. Diane says:

    I find inspiration in many areas such as my stacks of fabrics, looking at vintage clothing, and looking through sewing, quilting, and craft magazines. Also…Color…color and textures inspire me to create!

  25. Debbie Boren says:

    I find inspiration from happy little girls, flowers, butterflies and all of God’s gifts! There’s so much inspiration all around. I can’t pick one.

  26. Barbara says:

    I get my inspiration from the web. I love to see the new designs creative people come up with. Then I make it my own.

  27. Sue Bowles says:

    My inspiration comes from wanting to make gifts for others, often times clothing. I love sewing for my grandchildren and then seeing how much they like the gift. I look through magazines and have purchased numerous patterns but I alter them. I have a book that also teaches creative sewing and am ready to embark on my own designs. We’ll see how that turns out and a book like yours would really help. I’m not the best or the most creative but would like to get better.

  28. Karin says:

    I find inspiration in all sorts of places, fashion magazines, pattern books, what other people wear, boutiques, even from things that aren’t fashion, like home dec things, stuff at the hardware store, the thrift store, I especially like vintage clothing and patterns.

  29. Liz says:

    I find my inspiration from movies to nature. I have three children and I love to reuse hand-me downs and turning them into other things and to coming up with new and different clothes that no one else has is my goal for my oldest. My inspiration would be life because I use EVERYTHING around me to inspire me to come up with new things. I have a notebook and a piece of charcoal at hand to sketch out my thoughts and ideas. (sorry I tried to delete a post but I don’t know how, I didn’t mean to submit the other before I proofed it). Good Luck to everyone!!!

  30. Liz says:

    I find my inspiration from movies to nature. I have three children and I love to reuse hand-me downs and turning them into other things and to coming up with new and different clothes that no one else has is my goal for my oldest. My inspiration would be life because I use EVERYTHING around me to inspire me to come up with new things. I have a notebook and a piece of charcoal at hand to sketch out my thoughts and ideas.

  31. Cheryl says:

    From a visit to my local sewing store
    From reading my fav sewing blogs
    Emails from my fav sewing spots

  32. Sue Huffman says:

    growing up, I would look at patterns and say I wanted this sleeve and that skirt, and that collar, only bigger, and maybe a different neckline…my mom would make whatever I wanted, sometimes combining several patterns and using newspaper to make our own patterns. As a mom, I’ve continued in that tradition for my own daughters. I guess my inspiration now is from my daughters :)

  33. Jennifer says:

    Magazines mostly. Also from my daughter. She is so creative at putting things together.

  34. Kathy VanBuren says:

    I find my inspiration from alot of different things. My granddaughter is my main inspirition for making clothes I love makeing her things. Then I am always looking at nature and thinking about what kinds of things would look nice made out of the colors from nature.

  35. Darci says:

    My grandma is my inspiration. She could make clothes out of curtains or table cloths…probably did at some point. She is 90 and is still sewing and crocheting. She got me started at 8 yrs old, crocheting basic pot holders. I wanted to go to fashion school when i was 21 and was accepted at FIDM in Los Angeles, but it was very expensive and far from home (WA). I chose to be a nanny for 6 years and then started my own seamstress business when i was 24 and had it for 12 years until i got married and now we have 2 young kids. Whom I am going to teach sewing and crocheting to. ☺ I would love this. I hope to get my business running again someday. I miss it. I miss making and remaking clothes.

  36. P says:

    I get inspired by movies and t.v. shows — Mad Men for example, and fabric – I can browse a wonderful fabric store and a fabric will jump out and I will instantly know what I want to make from that fabric!

  37. Susan Henriksen says:

    I find inspiration by sorting through my fabric stash and pattern collection. Sometimes I find patterns that match the fabric on hand and sometimes I need to go shopping.

  38. Cindy says:

    Mine are from reading magazines such as your as well as watching shows like Runway. I always enjoy watching them put toghether something from nothing. I also get a lot from my little grandaughter who is 9 and wants to design clothes. She has so many great ideas. Her final touches are so great.

  39. Christine says:

    I am usually inspired by something I see in a store that is “kinda” what I want…I know I can make it closer to what I actually want or need.

  40. T Dunn says:

    I am inspired by colors & shapes… and then look for patterns that fit the “art” in my head or ones that can be easily modified… Thus a LOT of mix & matching goes along with the process

  41. Joanne Deschenes says:

    Most of my inspiration comes from my mind… If I see something that I can update, I think that there has to be a better way to do it… I am also able to look at a pattern and at fabric, and figure out how it is going to look in the fabric. I figure out how to add pleats or different accents to make an existing pattern look different…. The problem is, I change my mind too much…

  42. Kim N says:

    I find sewing inspiration for myself by looking at beautiful fabrics and flipping through magazines like Sew News. For my six month old daughter, I often see cute clothes but in the wrong size (she is very long!). It helps being able to make her similar clothes.

  43. SewLindaAnn says:

    As a newbie to garment sewing. (I of course have purchased the pre-requisite gazillion patterns, fabrics, body double) I find inspiration at every turn. I subscribe to a few blogs, especially ones with pattern reviews so I know which are clear to follow. I bought books and now subscribe to Threads. But mostly, I print out color pictures of examples from online catalogs, and cut out pictures from flyers of things I’d like to try. I have a sewing inspiration board already, can’t wait to lose a couple more pounds and get started.

  44. Jen Eskridge says:

    I find sewing & design inspiration generally on fashion blogs, fabric shop and in magazines.

  45. Michelle Shook says:

    I’d have to say my inspiration probably comes most from fabric. I see a fabric I love to look at…..just have to touch and feel and then I start looking through patterns or magazines….or remember something I thought might be fun to try from a magazine.

  46. Darcie says:

    I receive a number of emails from people and companies I find inspiring, one of them being Chronicle Books! And I find often the fabric itself speaks to me about what it should be.

  47. Ruth E. Brown says:

    Oh golly, I find inspiration everywhere! I’m lucky enough to live on a farm where the outdoors is enough to inspire anyone. I keep a notebook handy for notes & brief sketches all the time.

  48. Terrie Morrison says:

    From Sew News magazine, Sewing with Nancy TV shows, and clubs/classes/workshops at my local sewing center

  49. Susi Ripple says:

    I find inspiration at my sewing store, we have club every month and I always learn somthing new. Also from catalogs, when I see a photo of something I really like I cut the picture out and save it in a notebook.

  50. Alma says:

    Inspiration comes from seeing what others have made at our sewing meetings and what is coming up in classes at the sewing store. I also like to view sewing websites such as Moda Bake Shop.