Manic Monday “Sew Retro” Giveaway!

Happy Monday! What better way to start the week than with free stuff? First, let’s announce the winner of The Fashion Sketchpad from our last giveaway. We chose randomly from your answers to the question “Where do you find sewing inspiration?” The lucky winner is Christian C. , who said “I find inspiration from people watching, inStyle magazine, Sew News, Vogue Patterns, and just what I see in stores and what flatters me.”  Congratulations, Christian, and thanks to all for participating!

Now onto another chance to win! Today we’re giving away Sew Retro: 25 Vintage-Inspired Projects for the Modern Girl & A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution by Judi Ketteler from Voyageur Press.

retro 280x300 Manic Monday Sew Retro Giveaway!

Learn about sewing from the 1800s through today, accompanied by fun vintage photography and cute projects (10 full-size patterns), including bags, skirts and pillows. To enter for a chance to win, simply answer this question in the Comments section below: What is your favorite fashion era and why? We’ll draw a winner at random from the responses. Good luck!

 Manic Monday Sew Retro Giveaway!
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79 Responses to Manic Monday “Sew Retro” Giveaway!

  1. Wanda Renfroe says:

    The 50′s. I would love to wear the dresses that were worn in movies from that time.

  2. Rose Henry says:

    I so love the Annie Hall look. I also love all of the mod prints and styles of the A line dress of the 60s and 70s without the polyester, of course. I also love the clothing of the 40s. In fact, I love it all.

  3. Roxanne says:

    I like the styles of the 60′s/70′s, the halter tops, skorts, the hippie look of wide bottom jeans, the mini, midi and maxi, so many different styles, you could really have fun with your wardrobe.

  4. Heidi L says:

    The timeless and classic looks of the 50′s… what a lovely book !

  5. Tracy L. says:

    I love all styles of fashion, except maybe the ’70s! The fabulous 50′s are probably my favorite, with shirtwaist dresses, sweater sets, and saddle shoes!

  6. Heather G. says:

    I love the 40′s and 50′s for the hats and accessories. Also the pencil skirts, shirtwaist dresses and the fabulous hair-do’s!

  7. mandimadeit says:

    I love the whole 1950′s perfect housewife look. Would LOVE to make myself some figure flattering shirtwaist dresses!

  8. Vwren says:

    I love Edwardian style, because of the textiles-silks, batistes, dimity, voiles, satin, velvet-and the textures of tucks, lace, passementarie, feathers, furs, & trims

  9. Dawn says:

    If I had to pick only one I would say the Victorian Era, especially now that I’m enjoying the Steampunk look a lot. However I also love historical costuming, and fashions from the 1920′s and 1950′s.

  10. JennyHBurge says:

    This would make a perfect Mother’s Day present for my mom! The most extraordinary seamstress I know. She taught me all that I know about sewing, and I’m still picking her brain after almost 40 years.

  11. Pamela Johnson says:

    I love the silhoute’s of the 50′s and early 60′s. There are many looks that flatter a woman’s figure. Also the influence of the space race on the way the designers looked at fabric design is so cool.

  12. Wing says:

    I love the 50′s!

  13. Zina says:

    I love the free and easy bohemian style of the 60′s. Patchwork skirts, embroidered blouses, it was the beginning of combining prints in one piece of clothing, mixed with denim.

  14. Sandy says:

    The 1930s…Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, fabric cut on the bias…glam!

  15. I have a huge soft spot for all retro clothing. I always loved the 50s styles because they were flattering on my curvy figure in a skinny girls world. The Victorian era featured so many couture details that showcased both the seamstress and the consumer. But I love the way that every generation of women has come up with a style that stresses our strength and femininity, our glamor and our practicality, and gives each woman a way to look and feel her best!

  16. Linda Olson says:

    I like the late 70′s and early 80′s because the fashions I sewed then were feminine and looked good on my figure while the little girl fashions were great to make for my then young daughter.

  17. Priscilla King says:

    I love anything retro, but my favorite would be the fashions of the ’60s because that was when I taught myself how to sew so I could stay “in style”. Those days bring back wonderful memories, especially shopping for fabrics in my little neighborhood fabric store. I was like a kid in a candy shop! :)

  18. The 1700′s and 1800′s for their fabrics, embroidery and flair!!

  19. Erin Hill says:

    I love the slightly retro dresses of the 70′s . My mom made a beautiful floor lenth maxi/sun dress for herself in college, and I wore it on our vacation last month!

  20. Marni says:

    My favourite is the 50′s and 60′s dresses. And I really LOVE the way Audrey Hepburn used to dress. So classy!

  21. Liz says:

    My favorite era is the 1940s, I love that WWII look with with pencil skirts and the hairdos that were so big to compensate for everything that had to be rationed. The look of clothing, hair, lip stick colors were very bold and red, and the music. The 1940s are my favorite!!!

  22. Jan Sheets says:

    I like the 50′s fashions, they are so crisp (due to starch?). Love the shirtwaist dresses like my grandmother wore when I was small. She was a hairdesigner and always looked like she had just put the dress on! What a lady she was and she looked it. I like the look of a “lady” no matter what fashion style she chooses.

  23. Towanda Foster says:

    My favorite sewing era has got to be the 50s and 60s. I just love the style of the dresses and jackets. The apparel seemed so elegant, sophicated and chic. It’s okay to be modest and sexy at the same time.

  24. karen says:

    Shirtwaist dresses and cardigans. Two classics that should have never went out of style.

  25. Laura Johnson says:

    If I had to choose an era I would say the late 60′s – mid 70′s. Love the bright colors and funky patterns. Halter tops, bell bottoms, mini skirts. Leg warmers and boots too.

  26. Kim N says:

    I love the styles of the fifties and the classic looks of the sixties like Jackie O. I also love to make clothes from the fur trade era for reenactment.

  27. Amanda says:

    Late 40′s, when women still wore gowns, gloves & heels! The hemlines were starting to get shorter & the fabric was getting fancier. I love the hair, shoes, handbags, everything! So classy.

  28. Cathy says:

    I too love all the eras but the 50′s and 70′s were my favorites. 70′s for simplicity i.e. maxi dresses/skirts. 50′s for classic looks. I can remember my Mom sewing my 70′s favorites just loved the way we could fix up our worn jeans.

  29. Jo-Ann Sutherland says:

    I do like all of them but the 20′ s and 30 ths are fun .But the waist line is so thin !

  30. Katherine Batey says:

    I remember my mother making clothes for my Barbie doll. She would use old fur coats, etc. and revamp. A Barbie 60′s wardrobe. I wish I still had the clothing she made! She would make Swing Coats that with huge buttons. Those were the best!

  31. Patricia Thomsen says:

    I have been looking at the 1920′s recently….and love the fashion! There is so much more than the flapper dress to the look!

  32. Jennifer says:

    I love the carefree layering and style of the 60′s. All of that lace and sheerness is just so appealing to my earthy side!

  33. SewLindaAnn says:

    I really like, and use all the vintage things like sheets, clothes, kitchen linens and all. I’m guessing it’s the 50′s.

  34. Darci says:

    I’d say the 50′s. I like the clothes styles and home decor. ☺

  35. Dhonna says:

    well, I’ve always had a weakness for prairie dresses and bonnets, but realisticly, I love the sixties floral\paisley prints and hippie embroidered peasant look

  36. Michelle L. says:

    I’d say 50′s would be my favorite, but I like much of the 30′s and 40′s as well.

  37. LisaAnn says:

    Cross of 50′s and 60′s- I love the tailored dresses of the 50′s and the flowing skirts of the 60′s :)

  38. Barbara says:

    Love everything retro

  39. Joanna Young says:

    As a female veteran, my favorite fashion era was during both World Wars I and II. I love the patriotism women showed through their sewing art and clever usage of garments for repeated transformation . I remember as a child my grandmother would tell me stories of how women would come together to show support for the troops. My grandmother to this day still has the famous “Sew for Victory” poster. The women at the time were so creative and feminine. Sadly, sewing is a passion that is slowly dying and needs to be revived :)

  40. Karyl says:

    Each era has something or another that I like but if I had to pick one it would be the 30′s. The hair, the hats, the dresses, the jewelry.

  41. Linda says:

    I love the 40′s. Beautiful detailing, classic tayloring, opulant fabrics, and flattering styles. Whats not to love? Ok, gotta admit I also love jeans, flannel, a nice cotton shirt and anything fleece so the present is also one of my favorites.

  42. Myra says:

    I love them all, really, but the swing 40′s are my favorite, but don’t leave out the glam 30′s, rockabilly 50′s, mod 60′s.

  43. Steph B. says:

    Hard to say, there are bits from all eras I like. I love the 60′s/70′s maxi skirts with wild floral patterns. I think the overall “look” would have to be the 40′s. But then I agree with the others about the timeless classic look of the 50′s. It all rocks!

  44. Dawna Fennewald says:

    These patterns remind me of my mom and Grandma’s patters. I love the styles and the memories the style brings. How fun to be able to recreate some of these things. Very classic very nice and trendy!!

  45. Deborah D says:

    I like the fashion era of the fifties. While there was still haute couture, many designs were being adapted to new fabrics, synthetics and styles changed rapidly. The A line and sack dress started and these styles were easy to adapt and modify to fit any shape. This was a period of change and women’s fashion showed this.

  46. Jacki says:

    I would say the 50s. Clothes were timeless and modest but so cute! Give me a classic cardigan, a mid-calf skirt and saddle shoes and I would be in heaven!

  47. Terri Achmann says:

    For easy sewing, I love the 70′s… But for luxury, I love sewing opera gowns in the style of 1700′s and 1800′s. So much fabric, but so worth it!!

  48. Sharon says:

    I like the 1940′s/WWII styles, as well as 1950′s, both early dresses and later pencil skirts. Those looks are classic and easy to update with some accessories.

  49. The 60′s…Jackie O style…maybe a little mod! I love the simple designs and the gloves and pocketbooks! Simple but elegant fashions!!!

  50. betsey karl says:

    i love the 1950′s shirtwaist dresses! give me a cute shirtwaist dress, “sensible” heels and a strand of pearls…and yep! it’s the best look! always classic, always flattering!