Download the FREE Sewing Basics eBook from Sew News!

Newsflash! We’re “sew” excited to announce the release of the very first FREE Sewing Basics eBook from Sew News!

Four Guides Download the FREE Sewing Basics eBook from Sew News!

Whether you’re a sewing veteran or newbie, this must-have eBook offers four step-by-step guides to help you brush up on essential sewing techniques, including:

  • Fixing sewing accidents, such as repairing a tear or ironing mishaps
  • Learning how to sew the perfect seam
  • Customizing the fit of a garment with darts and pleats
  • Creating bound buttonholes

Each guide features great how-to photos, easy-to-follow instructions and lots of timesaving tips to help you create polished, professional-looking sewing projects. When you download your free copy of Sewing Basics, you’ll also become part of the Sew News community, which includes our free e-newsletter, filled with tips, trick and special offers. Download your free how to sew eBook from Sew News today!

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4 Responses to Download the FREE Sewing Basics eBook from Sew News!

  1. Pat G says:

    I don’t think that the download link is working – I keep getting an error message

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Pat,

    I checked out the link and it seems to be working. Here it is again just in case: In order to download the ebook, you’ll need to have Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here for free:


  3. Colleen says:

    The link in the body of the post ‘how to sew’ doesn’t work, but the link in the box in the middle of the post “4 free sewing guides” does work.

  4. aminat says:

    i just really need the training

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