Wednesday Giveaway!

Win a Sew Repair Refashion Kit from Prym Consumer USA! The Kit  is perfect for beginners or to take on trips for quick repairs. It comes with 40 pins, mini pin cushion, pair of scissors, seam ripper, 60″-long tape measure, thimble, 13 safety pins, 30 assorted needles, threader, 40 buttons and 10 mini spools of thread.

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**For your chance to win, check out the episode guide at Sew It All TV and let us know what episode you’re excited to see! (Write your responses in the comments section of this blog.)

From the responses, we’ll randomly select one winner.

Find the schedule for Sew It All TV here. If you don’t see your city listed, contact your local PBS station and request this show!

 Wednesday Giveaway!
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29 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. JaanL says:

    Oh, would love to Episode 103 on Smart Storage. We are in the process of moving, and I want to update and brighten our new home. This really is a must see for me.

  2. MAME says:

    I am anxious for the free motion frenzie episode

  3. Jane says:

    I would like to see sweat shirt makeovers and any makeovers from vintage clothing..mens, womens or childrens. Thanks!

  4. Peggy says:

    I think the apron episode.

  5. love to win thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

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  7. Cheryl says:

    All of the episodes look interesting but I chose Episode 102 Awesome Aprons. I just love love love aprons!

  8. Lea says:

    I can hardly wait for Awesome Aprons! Of course, Free Motion Frenzy looks fabulous as well.

  9. Jen says:

    t-shirt transformations sounds great!

  10. Marie A says:

    I am interested in making use of old shoeboxes. This is a great idea.

  11. Marie A says:

    Smart storage #103

  12. James McPhea says:

    I loved the “Episode 108: In the Bag”. Now that “going green” and “recycling” have become a real part of everyday life it was great to see a pattern for a good “lunch bag” pattern. However my plans are to enlarge the pattern and make a solid, durable all purpose bag. That’s the great thing about making your own, rather than purchasing a store bought bag. In my case I plan to use fabric, reinforce the seams by double stitching them, make a solid bottom by inserting plastic canvas between the lining and outside fabric, and possibly add some embellishments. I wish to express my thanks to Susan Wasinger for sharing the pattern, inspiring me, and encouraging everyone to “go green”.

  13. Jan Sheets says:

    I’m a tried and true quilter but I’ve really taken an interest in vintage apron styles this spring. So I am looking forward to episode #102.
    Then I look forward to the free-motion episode to learn enhancements in thread.
    I, too, would like to know if it’s possible to view any episodes online?

  14. Wanda Renfroe says:

    Would love to see Free Motion Frenzy, but it is not airing in Georgia. Is it possible to view any episodes online?

  15. MelodyJ says:

    I can’t wait for Awesome Aprons.


  16. Cheryl says:

    Would love to see the menswear transformation!

  17. Karen A says:

    I would like to see the show on aprons, or any of the others, but don’t know when or if they will be on in the Pittsburgh area.

  18. mitch j says:

    Episode 105: T-Shirt Transformation

  19. Sylvia Perkins says:

    Awesome Aprons sounds…awesome!

  20. Heidi L says:

    oooo – t-shirt transformations !!!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Excited to see the Elements of Design and the Bowl-erama looks fun too!

  22. Anne V says:

    I would love to see the Free Motion Frenzy episode. I have emailed my PBS station, but the show is not broadcasting here in Chicago area. Any possibility of online broadcasts?

  23. Debbie says:

    T-shirt transformation

  24. Vicki Delano says:

    Being an embroiderer and having LOTS of WSS around, I’d love to see Thread Bowl-erarma to learn what neat things I can do with all of my water soluble stabilizer scraps.

  25. I want to watch Denim Do Over

  26. Deirdre says:

    I think the Knit Wit and T-Shirt transformation shows sound great, but I don’t subscribe to television. Any chance of posting the episodes online?

  27. Linda Olson says:

    I would love to watch anyone of the shows but alas, my TVs in the RV are getting the signal to work right. We are living in our RV in Washington state waiting for our house in Missouri to sell.

  28. robin says:

    I would love to watch t-shirt transformation