6 Great Stories of Sewing to Help Others

Lately, we’ve been seeing so many awesome stories of  sewists of all ages doing amazing things to help those in need. Check out six recent news pieces to get great ideas on how you can lend a hand, too!

Don’t forget about Sew News‘ 2011 effort–Sew Your Support: Operation Alzheimer’s Prevention.

Quilt 6 Great Stories of Sewing to Help Others

We’ve been receiving dozens of beautiful quilts and there’s still plenty of time to contribute. In fact, I just stitched up a lap quilt to donate using the free “Fond Memories” pattern, and it only took me one afternoon! Get all the information and the quilt pattern here.  (See Assistant Editor Kari Bjordahl’s lovely handiwork above.) And be sure to share any other great stories and ideas for charitable sewing in the comments section below!

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  1. SewLindaAnn says:

    I found through my son’s “group” that a group of nuns were taking care of indigent women with terminal cancer. I made some wide scarves for them to wrap around them. I think there are so many “little” places that need help to we just have to look and find them.

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