Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Congratulations to Sheila L.! She won the My Style Greeting pattern from Islander Sewing Systems for answering our question:

Who do you sew for the most? Mom? Dad? Kids? Husband? Friends? Yourself? The family dog? What do you sew for these people/pets?

Her response:
I have spent over 20 years making things for others. I sew costumes for theatre, opera and film, and do custom bridal and formal designs as well. The last things I made for myself were maternity clothes, nine years ago. It is very frustrating for me to tell people I sew for a living yet having little around the house to show what I can do! All of my work goes off to other lives. This spring I actually made myself a simple cotton skirt, and I was so thrilled to show it off, even though it was a simple thing. Just having made it reminded me why I started doing this all those years ago. I hope to make something to go with it before long!

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful answers! We love learning more about our readers!

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 Free Stuff Friday Winner!
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One Response to Free Stuff Friday Winner!

  1. Marilyn Crowe says:

    I have been sewing for 45 + years. It is always exciting to me each time I take a piece of fabric see the beautiful end results. The last several years I have made costumes for one of our Mardi Gra crews. They usually just bring me a picture of what they want the costume to look like and leave it to me for the end results. I never thought I would be able to sew without a pattern but I realize now that I can make a pattern. I am retired and I would spend everyday at my sewing machine if I could. I love to get your Sew News magazine. I can’t wait to sit down and usually read it from cover to cover. Even though I have been sewing for many years I love to learn all the new techniques that you have in your magazine. Like most peaople that sew I don’t sew much for myself. Last Christmas I made myself a jacket and added some beautiful embroidery. It made my heart swell with pride from all the wonderful comments I received. Thank you for your hard work and helping me to keep learning.