Cute Story Alert! High School Student Designs his Date’s Prom Dress

Check out this super sweet story in yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times.  Stevenson, Illinois  high school student Tyler Pecora designed a pretty sky-blue dress for his girlfriend Lauren Comitor to wear to his senior prom. Tyler recruited his friend, fashion student Courtney Hart, to help him work out the kinks in his design and stitch the gown. The cutest touch? The duo has embroidered Tyler’s initials in the satin panel that will cover Lauren’s heart. Awwww!

dress Cute Story Alert! High School Student Designs his Dates Prom Dress

Photo from Chicago Sun-Times

Are you sewing a prom dress this year, or helping a daughter or granddaughter sew her dress? Would you have trusted your high school boyfriend to design a dress for your prom? Share your favorite prom dress sewing memories in the comments section!

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5 Responses to Cute Story Alert! High School Student Designs his Date’s Prom Dress

  1. Marie says:

    How very sweet to have thought enough about your prom date to want to design a dresss for her, and go through the process. He’s truly creating another prom memory to add to both their lives.

  2. brave girl! something to look back on and tell the grandkids one day!! do hope he remembers to give the gown a really good pressing. nice design though.

  3. Dolly says:

    Sweet story. Lovely dress style. Too bad the photo shoot was messed up. Why is the dress sitting twisted on the dress form. Makes the whole thing look crooked, like maybe she (the dressform) has one big boob right out there for ya.

  4. Ivette Cortes says:

    That was very nice of him to do that, go to all that trouble for her, I hope she apreciated, good for you Tyler

  5. Amy Benna says:

    Why not my student designed and sewed his friends garment it made a hit at the prom he now has his own was a great start.

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