“Hip Handles” Correction June/July ’11

We accidentally forgot to add a designer credit for the red bag featured in “Hip Handles” on page 48 of the June/July Sew News. The design and pattern are from the talented Christopher Nejman, while the braided handle design is by the story writer, Jory Snyder.

Haute Handbag5 Hip Handles Correction June/July 11

The Sew News staff will always credit a designer or company if their work is featured in the issue and never intentionally omit such important details. We would like to thank our readers and Christopher Nejman fans for letting us know about the error. We’ve made a correction on our website, http://www.sewnews.com/articles/Hip_Handles_Correction.

For more information on Christopher Nejman designs and patterns, visit bagsandpillows.com.


 Hip Handles Correction June/July 11
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One Response to “Hip Handles” Correction June/July ’11

  1. pat says:

    Im sure you fine women for got it.
    I just love that bag.And most everything,in your books.THEY R
    so very helpfull.Till we came to our ALF2 months ago.Ihad all books 2002 -2010I loved them,n all the help they were,pat