Baby Shower Bash!

Did you hear the news? Our Editor-in-Chief, Ellen March, is expecting her first child next month! A few weeks ago we had a baby shower at the office for Ellen and the Sew News and CME staff teamed up to create an extra special gift for her and her baby. provided us with some adorable fabric (a combination of Zoo Menagerie by Free Spirit and Hooty Hoot Kangaroo by Riley Blake) and we spent a week putting together a quilt. It was really hard to sneak around the office, making sure Ellen didn’t catch on, but I’m sure having the entire staff in the sewing room with the drapes closed was a big hint. Check out Sew News and CME‘s Art Directors, Ann Hardell and Matt Walker, stitching up a storm!

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Ann helping Matt figure out how to sew the quilt block.

After we finished the quilt, we wrapped it up along with some other goodies and waited patiently at the baby shower for Ellen to open it.

66 850 300x200 Baby Shower Bash! She received cute onsies, rattles, and baby monitor just to name a few things.

2 200x300 Baby Shower Bash!

Cute onesie!

She also received an amazing quilt from our sister publication, Quiltmaker.

4 200x300 Baby Shower Bash!

An amazing quilt from the ladies at Quiltmaker!

Ellen then opened up our quilt.

51 200x300 Baby Shower Bash!

I think she likes it!

6 200x300 Baby Shower Bash! The entire staff (reluctantly) took a group shot. We’re so happy for Ellen and her husband and can’t wait to meet the new addition to the sewing family!

7 300x200 Baby Shower Bash!

Sew News & CME staff

Source: The quilt design was from Diary of a Quilter on UCreate Crafts.

 Baby Shower Bash!
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