Miss USA Evening Gowns–in or out?

When I was little, I watched the Miss USA pageants religiously. I made ballots and forced my sister to vote along with me during the episode. When Vanessa Williams won the pageant in the early 80s (before she was stripped of her crown), I met her at a hotel appearance. I remember sitting on her lap for a photo (I must have been 5 years old or so) and she told me “you’re so beautiful.” I have never forgotten that moment!

Over the years, I stopped watching the pageants. I guess I just lost interest and stopped looking at the ladies like role models. But I can still appreciate the fashion!

Evening gowns can either be glamorous and flattering or look like an 80s prom dress gone wrong. There is a fine line. Here are a couple of photos from last night’s festivities. You be the judge!

110619 otrc ap miss usa alabama gown 212x300 Miss USA Evening Gowns  in or out?

This is Miss Alabama. All I can say is “seriously?”

110619 otrc ap miss usa georgia gown 210x300 Miss USA Evening Gowns  in or out?

This is Miss Georgia. Much more class, in my opinion.

alyssa3 150x150 Miss USA Evening Gowns  in or out?

And here is the mermaid dress, worn by the winner, Miss California, Alyssa Campanella.

alyssa1 150x150 Miss USA Evening Gowns  in or out?

Here she is with her crown.

I must say, I miss the talent competition. Now all they do is strut around in a swimsuit, an evening gown and have a short interview. What happened to the talent? The singers, the dancers, the baton twirlers, the ventriloquists, the sign language experts…the talented gals always came out on top. Now all the ladies have to do is look pretty and manage to not look or sound stupid during the interview portion of the competition.

But enough of my rant. What are your thoughts about the fashions? And what are your suggestions for the featured evening gown designers?

 Miss USA Evening Gowns  in or out?
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3 Responses to Miss USA Evening Gowns–in or out?

  1. Katie OBrien says:

    Kathy, ballgowns are in style for teens, not miss. If you look at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition, you’ll see more ball gowns. Question about Alyssa’s gown. Does anyone know what designer it is??? I’m looking to find it. :)

  2. Kathy Bond says:

    You’ve got two different pageants confused! It’s the Miss America pageant that has talent competitions and is also focused on scholarships. Last night was the Miss USA pageant which is a beauty pageant in the traditional sense – prizes of money, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. No talent competitions there. :)

    I’m still a sucker for true princess style ball gowns which are out of vogue for pageants at the moment. Ah well. Maybe in a few years …..

  3. Vicki Ericson says:

    This is a Miss USA Pageant there never was a talent competition you are thinking of Miss America a scholarship program with a talent portion of the competition. Not owned by Donald Trump.