Boys love sewing, too!

It’s exciting and rewarding to pass on the love of sewing to a child. Occasionally, boys are left out of the sewing loop, despite the fact that they have just as much interest as girls in creating their own projects and learning to use a sewing machine. Check out this fun article (from the Inner West Courier in Australia) about boys who’ve been learning to sew in local art classes.

boys 300x198 Boys love sewing, too!

Sewing students showing off their handiwork (photo from the Inner West Courier)

Have you ever taught a boy to sew? What projects did you make? Share your tips for getting boys interested in sewing in the comments section!

 Boys love sewing, too!
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5 Responses to Boys love sewing, too!

  1. Diana says:

    Of course boys love sewing. I taught my son when he was five and I continue to teach both boys and girls usually through 4-H. Right now, the majority of my class is boys but I think next year’s class will be evenly split. They all love choosing fabric and patterns that express their personalities. And they all love when they complete something and get to proudly wear it home to show mom and dad.

  2. Betty Brees says:

    When my grandchildren come to visit in the summer, we sew. Last year the 5 yr old did p.j.’s and the 11 yr old made a hoodie using fabric for his favorite college team. We started out with pillow cases and now they tell me what they want to make and I never tell them it’s too complicated. Sometimes a little more assistance is needed but they learn a lot and we have great fun.

  3. Wanda says:

    I taught sewing for many years to middle and high school students. Lots of my boys really liked sewing. My 8th graders always made pillows and the boys were extremely proud of their pillows and so were their mothers!!! I still have mothers that will talk about that pillow. Unfortunately, the state of Georgia did away with sewing construction about 3 years ago. It’s sad. I still have students asking “why?” They really enjoyed being able to learn that skill.

  4. Vicki says:

    My son learned to sew in 8th grade, and loved it. He made a great hunting fanny pack, and a locker caddy with a mirror, among other things. He was very good at it (none of my girls seemed able to pick it up). He would have continued in high school if they had had an appropriate class. He tried “sports sewing” but it ended up being a really girly class, so he transferred out. If they had had something geared to boys, he would have continued. He didn’t want me to teach him.

  5. Barbara says:

    My five year old son LOVES to sit and sew with me! We’ve made blankets and he’s helped me make some of his clothes…I love being able to share that with him, and have been searching for a non-pink-and-flowery sewing machine for kids for him!