Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Thanks to everyone for entering our Free Stuff Friday contest! We asked you to submit your best sewing tips and tricks, and we found out that you all are very creative!

We randomly selected one winner from the comments. Congratulations to Marian! She won a collection of Vintage Chic Stackable Reproduction Vintage buttons from JHB for her fabulous tip:

When finances are tight and I want fabric for crafting, I hit the local thrift stores on half price day. I buy clothes in XXXL sizes and use the fabric. I also buy leather and suede skirts for the fabric. I pay about $2.00 per item and get enough fabric for several items.

Be sure to check back to the blog this Friday for another chance to win a great sewing prize!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner!
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5 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Winner!

  1. Susan Nagel says:

    My daughter just had a baby boy too! I’ve made rompers, bibs, burb pads, receiving blankets, quilts, and decorated onesie. It has been fun! Just can’t wait to start again.

  2. Phyllis Bull says:

    I have made pillowcase dresses with embroidery, monograms, and appliques for every season and every reason (i.e. their summer vacation to the Isle of Palms in SC.

  3. Joyce says:

    I would love to see any clothing in our local thrift stores marked at $2.00, prices in the metro Detroit area start at $4.99 and just go up. But I have found some good pieces of fabric, all wrapped in a bundle with a huge piece of sleezy double-knit and Christmas plaid taffeta that smelled like gasoline/chemicals, even after I washed it. Also in the same bundle were two large pieces of nice vintage fabric to make up for the not-so-nice stuff.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I buy from thrift stores also… but, buying the XXXL sizes, I will not do… I know how hard it is for an extra large person to find thrift items.. nearly impossible.. so I pass on those… I always pay attention to what I buy… because I used thrift clothes in my costumes… BUT I also hate to buy something that maybe someone might need to go to a job interview or need to wear to work…

    Thrift stores are great… but remember they are also there for people who are desparate to have clothes on their backs

  5. Connie Brown says:

    That is a great idea!