Free Stuff Friday-Biggest prize ever!

We have another HUGE Free Stuff Friday giveaway today! Enter to win the new Triple Bright Lamp from Daylight Company (MSRP: $179.99).

The lamp  is a professional high-power workstation lamp, lighting up wide areas on your desk, work station

729 270x300 Free Stuff Friday Biggest prize ever!

Triple Bright Lamp from Daylight

, drawing board or sewing area. The 24” x 4.3” large shade can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position. With this great light you will be amazed how much better you will see the finer details and inspiring colors in your work.

For your chance to win the Triple Bright Lamp, answer this question in the comments section:

What has been your favorite Sew News project this year and why? (Visit the Past Issues page to refresh your memory.)

Post your answer by 9 AM ET on Monday, when we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

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78 Responses to Free Stuff Friday-Biggest prize ever!

  1. sharon Rigg-Hester says:

    hard to say like the tote

  2. Marcy says:

    I liked the made-to-order organizer (Dec.) as we can all use a little pizazz in our organizional projects.

  3. Tracy Meier says:

    I loved the Halter Dress from the June/July issue. I always make changes with every pattern I use. This was a fun alteration option!

  4. I love making all the pillowcase style dresses, they all turn out so cute, and the orders just keep coming.

  5. Nancy E says:

    totes and purses

  6. Carolyn Fulton says:

    Awesome Aprons made from dishtowels-really neat!

  7. Louisa says:

    I love the crafty items!!

  8. Amy W says:

    Definitely the curves ahead tutorial! I LOVE adding scalloped curves to my projects.

  9. Victoria Butler says:

    Colorful Collage by Linda MacPhee in the April/May issue because it is such a creative way to use up scraps. Quilts are fun, but this is something different and wearable!

  10. Louise Mills says:

    The May 2010 Issue with the Quilting stuff in it.
    Just starting on quilting as finally retired and have time to do it now.

  11. Frances Hesson says:

    How do you choose just one from the many great magazine with great sewing ideas?
    I would say the June-July 2011 issue because it brought back memories from thirty or forty years ago when I made my first halter dress. Love all the ideas in your magazine, I have been sewing for fifty years and still can’t get to my machines fast enough each day!!!

  12. Jeanne Redshaw says:

    I love the Beauty and batiks table runner in the current issue because I just moved into a new home and am looking for ideas to decorate with!

  13. Janet says:

    The skirt with the scallops (sp?) down the front.

  14. Cindy Barton says:

    I liked the beauty and batiks from the newest issues – it has two of my favorite things – batiks and applique. Always looking for the projects for gifts. Thank you for a great magazine – have been getting it for about 30 years.

  15. Mary Anne fox says:

    I love purses. So the made to order organizer and the weekend tote are a few of my favorites. I see all of your fun ideas and wish I had more time to do all of them. A few more years and I can retire and make all of them.

  16. Susan Lee says:

    I love the purse and tote patterns. We all need a bag to cart our stuff to sewing class!

  17. Debra Guarriello says:

    Colorful Collage inspired me to start quilting and using up all of my scraps.

  18. Florence Rivet says:

    I’m a new subscriber and can’t wait for my first issue to arrive. I look forward to trying out the ideas and patterns. I love to sew!

  19. Linda says:

    So many great articles, sew little time! I also loved the scalloped skirt and quilting issues. Another one that stands out is the rainwear tips. Keep coming with the great articles.

  20. Mary Anne fox says:

    I love purses. So the made to order organizer and the weekend tote are a few of my favorites. I see all of your fun ideas and wish I had more time to do all of them. A few more years and I can retire and make all of them.
    So pick me pick me!

  21. Debbie Kikuchi says:

    I like the Photo Mailer from the April/May 2011 project especially because finally I made something pretty and worthy of keeping to send photographs of our family up here in New York to the grandparents down in Florida. They’re not computer saavy so forget emailing and printing photos like everyone does nowadays. The Grandparents miss us as much as we miss them. The Photo Mailer arrives to them like a gift box (envelope) full of memories. It’s pretty and I can make new and different ones each time I send down a batch of photographs! THEY LOVE IT!!! I think the light would be a great asset to my little work area: I need an excellent light like this because I have a Retina disease so lighting is extremely important; healthy lighting such as this lamp is not only important but 100% necessary. The Grandparents that I send the photo mailers to, well, I inherited my Retina disease from them so not only do we appreciate more than most the gift of eye sight but also, the necessity of excellent healthy lighting so we can enjoy making photo mailers and enjoying photographs. <3

  22. Sheila Whitney says:

    There are so many good articles with projects and tips. The article of “Best Tips” for fitting in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue is really helpful.

  23. Karen Davis says:

    I love the Figure Flattering article in the April-May 2011 issue. It’s nice when fashion magazines remember that we’re not all a size 6 but we still want to look hip and fashionable. Sew News shows us how we can do it on our own with the clothes we make. It’s really liberating!

  24. karen says:

    The recent article on hats of felted wool and decorations. I have a friend that has started chemo for breast cancer. She had lost her very thick full head of hair. This will make a wonderful fall and winter addition to her wardrobe. Stylist and practical.

  25. Rabecca says:

    I am a sucker for bags of every kind. I ready liked the wallets from Jan.

  26. ally says:

    the huge majority of my sewing is gifts…(not one to sew clothes), so i’d have to say the holiday issues are my favorite…

  27. Deirdre Long says:

    I love the weekender tote from a couple years ago. I made one as a diaper bag for my first child.

  28. Sally says:

    I have no one to make it for, but I thought the travel tie case was pretty awesome!

  29. Janet Kline says:

    I loved the made to order organizer. Helped me make you perfect for me. I love the magazine for all the ideas it gives me.

  30. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I have been limited in the amount of sewing that I could do, because of illness. My favorite thing to do is read the magazine from cover to cover and dream a lot…. Hopefully, I will be back to sewing soon, and the pages of the magazines will get tattered and torn.

  31. Pamela Johnson says:

    I love the article about setting in the sleeves without going crazy. I have been sewing since I was about 5 years old. (am in my 50′s now) and I still hate setting in sleeves. Your article was so easy to understand and really, really helped. Now I don’t fear sleeves. AND THEY FIT!!!!!!!

  32. pat herchek says:

    the beauty and bttik tablerunner from the latest isue is on my todo list or next week when ll my kids are away/ it reminds me of fall and cooler weather are not to far off – it is my favorite season – and i can use the reminder during this heatwave. it look like a project i can complete dispite my recent vision problems and the lamp is like the ott light my doctor recommended.

  33. Laura says:

    If I had to pick just one, which is difficult, I would say the striped pillows on the cover of the June/July issue. I loved learning that technique and have used it on other things since then.

  34. Debbie Weinman says:

    My favorite was the sewing machine cover from the Feb/March 2010 issue. Made some for myself and friends.


  35. Michelle Shook says:

    It’s a tie between Apr/May ’11 – Rain Gear (because it’s fairly easy & very fashionable & something I need) and Feb/Mar ’11 – Sheer Elegance (the sheer poncho – because it is fun for all ages and, again, easy to accomplish).

  36. Linda T says:

    It is so hard to choose and since I do all kinds of sewing; garments, home dec and quilting, Sew News always has something great for me. Not sure which recent issue it was but the table runner with the hearts on it. It used strips of fabrics for the middle of the runner. It is on my list of things to make soon.

  37. Jan Sheets says:

    Jan Sheets
    My favorite Sew News Project this year was in the FEB/MAR 2011 issue, page 36-37 Flower T-Shirts. I dress in a simple style of jeans and t-shirts so I have always loved to try new ways to make my t-shirts look original, classy. And when asked where I got an embellished t-shirt, I loved to smile and answer that it was my own design & see the astonished look on their faces!

  38. TroyJennene Gibbs says:

    What is not to like about the purses! And what about all those cool colors on the designs of the pillows? All were such a fun project; I just want to make more. I keep reading the issues over & over

  39. Doris says:

    I loved the Masquerade Ball(Oct/Nov 2010)! I make a lot of costumes and the masks are wonderful!

  40. MARY STOTT says:


  41. Anne Voss says:

    My favorite was “Felt So Good” in the Feb/March ’11 issue. I especially appreciated the Web Extras-the feather and flourish PDF Patterns. I am really loving the whole “felted”(needle, wet or dry) technique!

  42. Blossom says:

    What a great prize! I just subscribed to Sew News recently, so I don’t have a favorite project yet, but I love the magazine so far!

  43. Jennifer wright says:

    The made-to-order organizer was one of my favorites. I made a couple for my officemates and they loved them.

  44. Sandy Goodson says:

    I love the weekend tote

  45. Every issue is fantastic but of late I most enjoyed the remake of the halter dress that was featured on the cover.

  46. Vicki says:

    I like the “Unclutter your office space” pieces.

  47. Dawna says:

    The Raincoat with the Laminated material. Though I didn’t make it with laminated material . I am with some home dec material.

  48. Claudia Collins says:

    It is hard to pick just one as you have a lot of great projects in every issue. However, I am a sucker for any type of purse and I really like the Weekend Tote. It made a great gift.

  49. Judy Hacker says:

    I LOVE the wallets from Jan 2011. Pretty wallets are like pretty handbags, but they have real utility.

  50. Paula Hensel says:

    The issue Apr/May ’11 about the rain gear. I found from the article that I should be able to make it and it will not be as big of a project as I was anticipating. I especially like the special editions that you put out, there are always lots of great ideas.

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