Enter our 10, 000 Facebook Fans Contest!

facebook logo 150x150 Enter our 10, 000 Facebook Fans Contest!

We have a super exciting giveaway to announce today! We’re approaching the 10,000 mark for fans of our Sew News Facebook page, and once we reach it, we’re going to award prizes to 10 lucky winners! One grand prize winner will receive a prize package of sewing goodies, including patterns, notions, fabric, books and more, and nine additional winners will each win a sewing book!

Here’s how to enter: First, “Like” us on Facebook (if you haven’t already). Then, share your favorite thing about Sew News in a status update on your own Facebook page that begins “My favorite thing about @Sew News is…” (To tag us in the post, just type the “@” sign before “Sew News.” This will link your post to our page.)  Once we have 10,000 fans, we’ll choose ten lucky winners from among the entrants. Good luck and thank you so much for your support!

 Enter our 10, 000 Facebook Fans Contest!
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26 Responses to Enter our 10, 000 Facebook Fans Contest!

  1. Calla Ferguson says:

    My Favorite thing about @Sew News is that it’s different from any other sewing magazine. Sew News has projects and ideas for the beginner to the advanced sewer, with easy to follow instructions and photographs. I Love @sew news!

  2. Charlene Wiggins says:

    “My favorite thing about @Sew News is all the great ideas and projects and the great people who leave them. Thank you all for all of your ideas. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Have a great weekend and Good Luck to all of us great sewers and crafters.

  3. Marianne says:

    My favorite thing about @Sew News is all the projects that gives me ideas for gifts for family and friends. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.

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  5. Shirley says:

    My favorite thing about@ SEW NEWS are the patterns and the great projects that are easy and well explained.

  6. I enjoy all the techniques you teach.

  7. Laurie says:

    My favorite part is the inspiration I get. Sometimes, when I want to sew, I sit down at my machine(s) and go blank. One good look at the mags and I’m revved up and ready to sew…..

  8. Barbara says:

    I love this magazine and have subscribed since the early 1980′s !! I’ve had so many mishaps in my sewing “career”–I enjoy reading the last laugh…I don’t feel alone anymore !!!

  9. Kim Greaves says:

    Sew News is like good friend you sit down with and have a cup of coffee. Share tips, secrets and new ideas. I love it every month when the mailman delivers it!

  10. Tina Zuffoletti says:

    My favorite thing about sew news is the time saving tips!

  11. Brenda says:

    I love all the inspirational ideas in Sew News.

  12. LauraM says:

    Awesome! Now back to FB to make my post :-)

  13. Jennifer Barrett says:

    My favorite thing about @Sew News is the wealth of ideas.

  14. Maribel says:

    I really enjoy this site and show :-)

  15. Janie says:

    I look forward to my Sew News magazine every month. I have not thrown any of them away!

  16. Cheryl Ruhnke says:

    My favorite thing about @ sew news is the variety of useful quick practical projects ,patterns and ideas

  17. Katherin says:

    What I love about @Sew News is the many interesting tips and free patterns. I also love that I will be able to discuss sewing dos and dont’s with fellow sewers from around the world. Yeah!!!
    3 minutes ago ·

  18. Judy Bugenhagen says:

    My favorite thing about @Sew News is receiving each issue and finding all the exciting and informative instructions for new projects along with tips sent in by other sewers. Everything is so very well presented and the instructions easy to understand. I get alot is super ideas for a variety of different projects. Sew News is by far, my favorite magazine!

  19. linda james says:

    I love ideas for new projects!

  20. naomi says:

    I have Sew News Mags going clear back to when it was
    News paper form !!!! You DO NOT toss a good thing when you got it!!!!!!

  21. Patty Chambers says:

    Love this site! Everything!!

  22. jen knowles says:

    Probably the best thing is projects are timely, fun and can actually be completed in a reasonably short time.@SewNews

  23. Sheryl says:

    I love the sew news and all the patterns ..

  24. Crystal Carawan says:

    I love all the awesome inspirational ideas @Sew News.

  25. Louise Mills says:

    @Sew News I love all your neat patterns and stuff. The pictures are awesome! Thanks for posting! My most favorite is anything to do with quilting.

  26. MARY STOTT says: